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Role Overview


Gerent is on the lookout for talented Data Architects. You will be responsible for designing, developing, and managing data models for enterprise level reporting systems. The Data Architect will design, implement and execute scalable integrations between customer enterprise applications that enforce data quality and adhere to strict consistency standards. They will serve as an engineer/expert in ETL/Integrations, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Master Data Management, and database design. 


The Data Architect will work with other technical and non technical project members to understand and analyze business requirements and translate those requirements into effective data integration and data exchange programs and processes. They will assist with reviewing, researching, and resolving data errors or missing data. 


The Data Architect will design and develop ETL programs to extract data from various source systems, transform as required, and load data into specified target systems using best-in-breed tools. They will maintain enterprise-wide integrity of data by ensuring that data currency and data cleansing procedures are implemented and followed. 


The Data Architect will serve as the primary advocate for data stewardship and data processing best practices within Advancement Information Systems. They will set and maintain standards and best practices as the principal data architect and assist in research, testing of new functionality, data cleanup/archiving, data lifecycle management, and other tasks as necessary. 


What you’ll do: 


Work with clients and end users to gather, understand, and visualize their current business The Data along with the integration architect will establish integration and data standards, processes (ensure compliance) and operationalization of the integration solutions, assist in developing a secure, scalable governance and operating model which includes assessment of new applications and technologies to be integrated, protocols to support, and underlying infrastructure components to execute on: 


    ●  Lead data management and migration projects 

  • ●  Develop, maintain, and review data processes and architecture for both on-premise and cloud-based data systems 

    ●  Conduct team reviews and recommend data modeling, administrative, and design improvements                       

  • ●  Demonstrate ability to learn and research advanced data technologies and concepts, learning new skills and software as necessary 

  • ●  Work closely with team members to optimize database queries, data mapping and data migration                           

    ●  Demonstrate high-level knowledge of enterprise IT organizational, business, and technical environments                 

  • ●  Produce highly detailed document artifacts and maintain them for the duration of projects              

    ●  Assess all risks and offer mitigation strategies, communicating impacts to project across multiple channels  

  • ●  Interpret client functional and informational needs and turn them into data requirements, process models, and active systems                               

  • ●  Support assigned systems throughout transition periods                           

    ●  Complete Trailheads and Salesforce Certification on the following within 12 months of start date. 

    ●  OmniStudio Consultant              

    ●  OmniStudio Developer              

    ●  Salesforce App Builder 

    ●  Salesforce Platform Developer I   

    ●  Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer 


    What we’re looking for: 




    ●  We are looking for Data Architects with various degrees of experience at this time. Outlined below are the responsibilities and qualifications that are typically expected of our Data Architects. The actual responsibilities and qualifications may vary slightly based on the experience and the level at which a candidate may get hired.                   

    ●  Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, information systems, or related IT field with coursework in an information technology specialization related to data modeling. 


    Technical competencies:                    

    ●  5+ years of experience in an information technology area related to data architecture and data modeling. 

    ●  5+ years of experience with enterprise-level ETL tools/platforms such as Informatica, Power Center, Cast Iron, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), etc. 

    ●  5+ years of experience working with complex relational databases, including normalization of data models. 

    ●  5+ years of experience with Data Warehousing data population techniques for target structures such as Snowflake Schemas 

    ●  Highly developed knowledge of Data Warehouse design principles with dimensional data modeling for Business Intelligence tools.

  • ●  Knowledge of performance tuning, database monitoring, SQL optimization, data archiving, table partitioning, indexes, etc. 

  • ●  Experience in enterprise-level data migration/upgrade projects       

    ●  Experience in database administration and analyzing impact of underlying data structural changes. 

    ●  Experience in managing metadata and supporting data governance initiatives.     

    ●  2+ years of experience with Customer Relationship Management platforms          

    ●  Effective written and verbal communication skills, including presentation skills 

    ●  Self-motivated, able to work independently, and capable of responsibly maintaining schedules for time-sensitive projects.                         
  • ●  Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.                          

    ●  Experience with and its suite of products (Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Tableau, etc.) preferred 


    ●  Experience in multiple industries, with a proven ability to deliver on strategic and tactical business objectives 


    Soft skills: 


    ●  People leadership — DAs must have demonstrated leadership skills. 

    ●  Teamwork — DAs must collaborate effectively with technical and non-technical team members during projects.               

    ●  Client focus — DAs must apply a client-centric mindset and ensure that all projects keep clients’ stated needs and goals top of mind.                       

    ●  Accountability — DAs must be willing to take ownership of and responsibility for their assigned projects. 

    ●  Communication and presentation skills — DAs must present complex information to both technical and non-technical audiences. 

    ●  Innovation, creativity, and problem-solving — DAs should be willing to think outside the box when confronting project challenges. 


    Leadership Qualities: 


    ●  Must have a strong commitment to living in service to others 

    ●  Be of outstanding character; a leader who influences others to become the best versions of themselves and demonstrates wisdom, integrity and resilience even in tough times               

    ●  Be a keenly intelligent builder, dedicated doer, and empathetic leader who enjoys developing teams and creative strategies 


    What we can offer you: 


    ●  Competitive salary                    

    ●  Full-time WFH                       

    ●  Unlimited PTO              

    ●  Paid major holidays             

    ●  Healthcare, dental, vision coverage                  

    ●  401k 


    Don’t wait; start growing your career with Gerent today! 


    At Gerent, we recognize that our people are our strongest asset. Since our founding, we’ve sought to harness the power of people and technology to fuel meaningful, positive connections between businesses and consumers. Our thriving community of creative thinkers and makers sets us apart by continually finding new ways to turn innovative technology solutions into remarkable customer experiences. 


    The quality of their collective work speaks for itself — today, Gerent stands as a Salesforce Summit Partner and, after 900+ implementations, holds a 5-Star Customer Satisfaction Score. Our services span the gamut from strategy to consulting, implementation, digital experience, innovation, and managed services. 


    Our ultimate goal is to become a trusted advisor in the Salesforce ecosystem. To that end, we’ve gathered some of the best and brightest in tech to ensure that Gerent’s collective strategic knowledge, business acumen, industry knowledge, and deep technical expertise set us apart from our competitors. 


    We’ve built a solid foundation over the past 13 years. Now, we have a pivotal opportunity to expand exponentially over the next few years. We need talented professionals who can help us grow — and want to grow alongside us. 


    Why work with Gerent? 


      ●  Relationships are our gold standard.
      We put our people first because we know the way we treat our employees is the way they’ll treat our customers.                        


      ●  Learning never stops.
      Our team has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We embrace curiosity and continuous learning, pushing ourselves to skill up and stay abreast of industry and technical innovations.                     


      ●  Working to live.
      Work is just one facet of a person’s life, and we intend to keep it that way. That’s why our entire team works remotely – because we’ve found that working from home means having more time to spend on our passions and with our families. 


      ●  Embracing our differences.
      Diversity is one of our greatest strengths. By including people from all walks of life, we can generate the best ideas and solutions. 

    • ●  We see and seek the best in people.
      We assume the best of those we work with. We’ve found that assuming positive intent from our clients and colleagues leads to a positive work environment where everyone thrives. 

    • ●  Greater than the sum of our parts.
      We believe we’re at our best when we work together. We’ve created a culture in which team members come together and elevate one another to perform at a higher standard than they ever could alone.       


  • ●  Constantly striving for excellence.
    When something is good, we want to make it great. It’s in our company DNA to challenge the status quo and push the envelope. We’re not afraid to ask hard questions that improve our work. 


    ●  Doing the right thing.
    We keep our moral compass close at hand. We strive to do the right thing in every situation, no matter how big or small. 


    We’re always looking for talented professionals who can help make our company — and team — stronger and more capable. Apply today! 



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