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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud: What Change Leaders Need to Know

Thanks to widespread market disruption, digital innovation has become a significant priority for manufacturing organizations. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, 90% of industry executives aim to invest in digitalization talent, recognizing their lack of technological advancement as a potential vulnerability. Manufacturers have flocked to innovative technology as a potential solution for pain points such as supply chain resilience (93%), material shortages (45%), sudden steep drops in demand (41%), and worker shortages (30%). 

But when organizations are already hindered by siloization, even innovative technology provides limited benefits. Such constrained manufacturers have limited market visibility and are often unable to track current demand or respond agilely to sudden shifts. 

To resolve these pain points, manufacturers must implement a centralized and digitalized infrastructure. In this blog, we’ll explore how Manufacturing Cloud can patch inefficiencies in manufacturers’ processes, extend the value they get from their products, and provide customers with brand-unique, omnichannel experiences.

What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?

For manufacturers struggling with the above pain points, Manufacturing Cloud can provide much-needed resolution. The CRM institutes a basic, time-tested infrastructure and allows customization based on clients’ niche needs. Uniting all sources of information across the company to craft a reliable single source of truth, the solution breaks down silos and paves the way for efficient operations. 

Once equipped with Salesforce, manufacturers can:

  • Capture a real-time view of product demand and adjust production volume accordingly
  • Keep track of current and future opportunities for their products, thus maximizing ROI 
  • Respond agilely to shifts in product pricing, generating accurate predictions of potential expenses 
  • Foster brand-unique, omnichannel experiences on the customer side – a vital, high-demand feature in today’s market 
  • Automate customer support practices, allowing a quick resolution of complaints, product issues, and other consumer concerns

With Manufacturing Cloud, manufacturers will have the foundation they need to digitalize and streamline their operations. Thus empowered, businesses can deliver stellar customer experiences, leverage market insights to generate accurate predictions, and get long-term value from their investments.

Salesforce improves an array of problem areas for manufacturers — and when implemented in tandem with other solutions, the value continues to stack. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or any of the APIs from Salesforce’s AppExchange can build on top of that foundation, allowing organizations to tailor their solution as needed. Salesforce for Manufacturing is a composite solution; with the wide range of programs available, manufacturers can assemble their unique digitalization by piecing together the tools they need into a comprehensive whole.

Starting a personalized journey with Salesforce solutions

As mentioned above, digitalization is not a one-size-fits-all process — even within the same sector, businesses will have unique pain points to address. That’s why industry-specific CRM is so necessary: it provides a fully-scalable foundation for businesses to build on that can be fitted to their needs.

Moreover, while the pain points described above are consistent across the industry, manufacturers’ digitalizations will differ significantly. The processes they have, the technologies they’ve already adopted, and where silos have occurred are all unique and vary from company to company. As such, manufacturers pursuing digitalization need a platform that addresses the base issues in their industry, with room for customization to meet their own personal challenges.

Enlisting a consultant can provide much-needed support throughout that tailoring process, as they have the expertise and industry knowledge to make that transition as smooth as possible.

If your organization is pursuing digitalization and you want to see what Salesforce for Manufacturing can do for you, give us a call to speak with a consultant and find out how we can tailor Salesforce to your needs.

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