Why Middleware Modernization Should Be a Priority for Digital-Savvy Businesses

When middleware products first hit the market in the 1980s, they represented a feat of digital engineering. At long last, IT professionals could bridge disparate programs into a cohesive and effective digital solution. The technical benefits of implementation were undeniable; middleware facilitated more efficient data management, cross-platform messaging, easy user authentication, and far more. 

But now, those early bridges are slowly but surely rusting away. For all the value legacy solutions provided in their heyday, such products were never designed for modern, cloud-hybridized IT environments. Companies that maintain outdated middleware may attempt to digitalize only to find that their legacy middleware cannot keep pace with their innovation efforts. 

“By abstracting parts of the corporate network, the cloud changed the middleware game,” Jason Bloomberg, a cloud migration consultant, explained in an article for Tech Beacon. “Enterprises increasingly came to depend upon cloud-based SaaS apps and wanted to integrate them with on-premises apps. Traditional middleware was simply not up to this task.” 

For innovation-minded organizations, outdated middleware presents an operational problem.

Organizations can use outdated middleware — but only up to a point. Maintaining clunky IT solutions is a little like driving a car with worn-out brake pads; the vehicle might move, but braking will be harder, and leaving the problem unchecked for too long could result in car damage. 

In a business context, outdated middleware tends to cost more to maintain than newer solutions and is more prone to crashes. Achieving compliance with regulatory and security specifications can also be challenging, as older products may require custom-coded updates. 

Simply put, outdated middleware solutions aren’t worth the time, effort, and money required to keep them running. 

However, many businesses may still need middleware to link their cloud and legacy systems into a cohesive workflow. But are clunky connectors their only option? 

With Mulesoft and Salesforce, businesses can build better bridges.

MuleSoft and Salesforce present modern alternatives for solution integration

MuleSoft presents an innovative answer to businesses’ middleware woes. Its eponymous product set empowers digital-forward companies to achieve visibility and connectivity across their enterprise without incurring the expense or inconvenience of custom code. 

Designed to be versatile and secure, Mulesoft makes it easy to transport data, manage resources, and achieve operational efficiency. Moreover, because Mulesoft is a Java-based solution, it can quickly scale to accommodate organizational growth. 

In short: Mulesoft is an ideal, innovative middleware solution for companies that need to link legacy systems and modern software tools into a cohesive digital framework. 

But what if an organization is ready to leave its legacy systems behind? Innovation and efficiency have become more critical than ever; once an optional boost, digital transformation has become a competitive necessity for businesses.

Change leaders who wish to update their digital frameworks might consider implementing a Salesforce CRM solution. Salesforce offers a variety of products tailor-made for efficiency-minded businesses — Sales Cloud, for example, centralizes sales activity onto a single platform and gives sales reps the automation and analytics tools they need to execute better outreach.

Success in Perspective: A Major Lighting Firm Unites its Sales and Service Teams with Sales Cloud

Salesforce CRM solutions eliminate most, if not all, of the problems posed by outdated middleware. Post-implementation, silos become an issue of the past; transparency is guaranteed, collaboration becomes effortless, and efficiency is a norm. If a team needs functionalities that aren’t offered in a base Salesforce product, they can visit the Salesforce AppExchange to find a complementary product that provides the tools they need. 

Don’t let outdated middleware slow your organization’s growth. Schedule a conversation with Gerent today to learn how Mulesoft and Salesforce can empower your organization to achieve more — effortlessly. 

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