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A Fastenings Manufacturer Facilitates Interdepartmental Collaboration and Remote Functionality with Service Cloud

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A leader in the global fastenings production sector
  • Industry: Manufacturing (Fastening Products)
  • Team Size: 1,001-5,000
  • Annual Revenue: $100-500 Billion
  • Headquarters: Danboro, PA
  • Markets: Global

The Challenge

After collaborating with Gerent to establish a Salesforce framework and achieve transformative sales functionality for several of its global branches, an internationally-renowned fastening manufacturer turned its attention to a new goal: empowering its European service division. 

Our client’s sales and service divisions had operated in relative isolation for years. Because the departments worked out of two separate digital environments, they had no means of sharing information or collaborating on client accounts. As a result, the manufacturer could not attain a holistic view of its customers or provide cohesive customer service experiences — sales reps were often blindsided by questions about customers’ service cases during sales meetings.

Additionally, the field service team had no mobile functionality. Engineers needed to gather crucial client data, request details, and other important information at the home office before leaving for maintenance or repair jobs. These service reps could not share information while in the field; instead, they kept paper notes and manually entered their updates after returning from their assignments. 

The client wanted a digital solution that could unite its sales and service teams and provide a mobile environment for field service engineers.

Gerent’s Approach

After taking some time to develop a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturer’s pain points and goals, our team developed a solution. Over eight weeks, Gerent sunsetted the client’s outdated service tool, implemented Service Cloud, integrated the new platform with the client’s existing Sales Cloud iteration, and established Field Service Lightning to provide remote functionality. 

Key Outcomes

This initiative empowered the fastenings manufacturer to obtain a holistic view of their clients and collaborate more effectively. Post-implementation, the sales team could stay abreast of unfolding service cases and avoid being blindsided by service questions during sales calls. On the service side, engineers could remain up-to-date on incoming sales and any subsequent maintenance that might need to occur. 

The service team also experienced a significant efficiency boost. Because Field Service Lightning allows remote reps to review cases and upload information via their mobile phone or tablet, they can complete more tasks onsite. For example, if a client needed more service than anticipated, a field service engineer could process a client request, obtain signatures, and complete a work order in a matter of hours rather than the days it might have taken pre-implementation. 

The manufacturer has achieved its ideal service state. Today, our client's sales and service divisions can collaborate effectively to deliver top-tier customer experiences — and with Field Service Lightning, its service reps can service, update, and add cases on the fly. 

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