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A Global Hardware Retailer Achieves Transformative Sales Functionality with a Multipart Implementation

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A global leader in the hardware retail sector
  • Industry: Manufacturing (Hardware Retail)
  • Team Size: 1,001-5,000
  • Annual Revenue: $3.04 Billion
  • Headquarters: Memphis, TN
  • Markets: Global

The Challenge

In 2021, an internationally-recognized leader in the hardware retail sector approached Gerent with one goal: to build a digital framework that could keep pace with its fast-scaling sales and service operations. 

For years, the retailer had relied on a homegrown, Internet-based CRM tool to manage its customer data. This makeshift system allowed representatives to access some customer data by logging into the company’s website — however, the information they had was often incomplete or out of date. The tool was also highly inconvenient, as reps couldn’t access it from the field and had to print out critical information ahead of customer visits. 

The lack of mobile functionality posed a significant problem for the retailer’s 400-person sales force. While out on the road, salespeople had no way to upload information or requests to the system; instead, they had to take notes on paper and make updates after returning to their desks. These siloes hindered interdepartmental collaboration, too. Often, sales reps would walk into customer meetings without realizing that the client had an open service case until the customer asked for an update. 

Our client recognized that it would have to level up its operational infrastructure to maintain its title as the fastest-growing brand in hardware retail. The company needed a functional CRM that could bridge over departmental silos and ensure that its sales force could access customer information remotely.

Gerent’s Approach

After connecting with the retailer to identify its pain points and future goals, Gerent proposed a full-scale transformation of the company’s front-end interface that would allow sales reps to surface critical customer information. We implemented several Salesforce products to facilitate this and other functionalities, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Live Agent, and Salesforce Inbox. Our team also integrated the company’s ERP with Salesforce, so representatives could access key customer insights via their new CRM.

Key Outcomes

Our client’s Salesforce implementation delivered a comprehensive CRM that empowered sales and service representatives to access up-to-date customer information whenever and wherever they needed it. Reps were no longer dependent on paper notes; once equipped with Sales Cloud, they could pull up customer data from their mobile devices and add insights right from the field. 

Service Cloud also bridged the client’s sales and service divisions, thus eliminating silos and ensuring that sales reps would never be blindsided by open service requests during client meetings again. This tool benefitted the service team, too, as it eliminated the need for paper notes and facilitated more efficient and organized case management. 

Live Agent further accentuated the retailer’s customer service capabilities. Rather than fielding phone calls, customers could connect with a service representative and generate a case from that conversation. On the rep side, Salesforce Inbox empowered sales and service employees to create or access customer accounts, contacts, and opportunities directly from Outlook.

These improvements increased efficiency, selling effectiveness, customer care, and interdepartmental collaboration. At long last, the hardware retailer had a digital framework that could uphold its dominant position in the market — and keep pace with its scaling aspirations.

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