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A Recruiting Technology Provider Achieves New Efficiency with Sales Cloud Automations

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A leading provider of recruiting software and network services
  • Industry: Software (Recruiting)
  • Team Size: 50-70 employees
  • Annual Revenue: N/A
  • Headquarters: Canton, OH
  • Markets: North America

The Challenge

When a leading recruiting software and network services provider approached Gerent in late 2019, its leaders had one goal: to achieve better sales efficiency. Up until that point, the organization’s sales department had relied on a cobbled-together network of Excel spreadsheets and digital tools to support its daily operations. 

However, the team’s activities were so siloed that most reps managed leads according to their preferred processes. This approach drastically limited the team’s efficiency and prevented the business from gaining any real visibility into its consumers’ activities. The team’s manual approach to lead management added to the inefficiency; administrators personally reviewed representative workloads and assigned prospects whenever a lead came through. 

The recruiting software provider needed a centralized CRM that could integrate with its primary digital marketing tool (Active Campaign), provide visibility into consumer behaviors, and reduce the manual burden associated with lead management.  

Gerent’s Approach

Aware of our client’s need for more efficient and automated sales processes, Gerent implemented Sales Cloud, then integrated the CRM with Active Campaign. Next, our solution leaders migrated data from the organization’s homegrown system into Sales Cloud so that client information would be readily available to those who needed it. Finally, our team established automations to manage lead assignments per the client’s business logic.

Key Outcomes

With Sales Cloud, the recruiting software firm now enjoys unprecedented visibility into its client base. The sales team can track their leads across every touchpoint and attribute sales directly to campaign activities. This visibility empowers our client to refine its outreach tactics to suit demonstrated — rather than assumed — consumer behaviors. Account managers can also access up-to-date client information through Salesforce’s centralized platform whenever they need it. 

Sales Cloud imparted further efficiency through lead assignment automation. The CRM leverages our client’s business logic and key data points (e.g., a representative’s past relationship with a client, workload capacity, etc.) to ensure that the right rep receives the right lead at the best time. This automation drastically reduced the manual work that sales administrators needed to complete daily. 

Today, the recruitment software provider is better set up for success than ever; with Salesforce, its sales reps can eliminate time-consuming manual work and do more of what they do best: build long-lasting customer relationships.

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