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A Soda Ash Manufacturer Achieves Quicker Sales and Transparent Operations with Salesforce

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A globally-leading provider of low-cost natural soda ash
  • Industry: Manufacturing (Glass, Ceramics, Concrete)
  • Team Size: 10,000+ employees
  • Annual Revenue: $522.8 Million
  • Headquarters: İstanbul, Tuzla
  • Markets: Global

The Challenge

One of the world’s leading low-cost suppliers of natural soda ash, approached Gerent in 2021 with a simple but ambitious goal: to shift its Sales and Service operations from Excel to Salesforce. 

Before its partnership with Gerent, our client’s sales and logistics teams relied on spreadsheets and emails to generate freight quotes and obtain pricing approvals. While technically functional, this manual system frequently caused bottlenecks and hindered potential sales. Moreover, because the team lacked a single source of truth, employees were often left scrambling for time-sensitive pricing approvals and subjected to miscommunication, missed opportunities, and service challenges. 

In short: the company needed a centralized sales hub to manage its sales-to-service pipeline and improve visibility and traceability during regulatory audits.

Gerent’s Approach

Gerent proposed a straightforward solution: implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and CPQ. This three-part project would give our client a centralized hub for customer information and the means to automate many time-consuming manual sales and service tasks.

Key Outcomes

Sales and Service Cloud deliver all of the benefits of a top-tier CRM — from providing a 360° customer view to compiling reports, tracking consumer interactions, and facilitating complaint management.

CPQ, for its part, gave our client the ability to generate complex freight pricing calculations consistently and with less manual effort, thus making the process more efficient. CPQ’s Advance Approvals feature also allowed our client to ensure that pricing approvals always align with regulatory requirements.

Today, the manufacturer can effortlessly convey information across departments without risking miscommunication or data loss. This capability, in turn, has resulted in greater operational efficiency, improved customer service, and better reporting.

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