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An Agricultural Innovator Achieves Efficient Sales and Accurate Forecasts with Manufacturing Cloud

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A major provider of edible coatings for fresh food products
  • Industry: Manufacturing (Agricultural Products)
  • Team Size: 501 - 1,000 employees
  • Annual Revenue: $92.1 Million
  • Headquarters: Goleta, CA
  • Markets: Global

The Challenge

In 2021, a provider of plant-derived protective solutions for fresh agricultural products approached Gerent in the hopes of establishing a digital system that could better keep up with its runaway growth. For nearly a decade, the manufacturer had managed both sides of its supply chain and its forecasting efforts via a network of Excel spreadsheets. However, as buyer interest in the company’s innovative products increased, so too did the strain on its makeshift digital system.

In short — the manufacturer needed a CRM that would allow sales representatives to log projected and actual sales in a centralized location, then accurately leverage that data for forecasting.

Gerent’s Approach

After connecting with the client, Gerent’s solution leaders decided upon a twofold solution: implementing Manufacturing Cloud and Tableau. Manufacturing Cloud — a comprehensive Salesforce solution designed for manufacturers — would provide extensive support to the client’s sales team and establish a centralized storage hub for its product, sales, and customer data. Tableau would further build upon that CRM foundation by giving the manufacturer’s sales team a robust set of analytical tools.

Key Outcomes

Post-implementation, the client could use Manufacturing Cloud’s Sales Agreements feature to log initial customer agreements and conduct monthly updates to account for the produce industry’s seasonal flexibility. Additionally, because the CRM established a shared source of truth, multiple sales reps could collaborate on agreement updates in real-time — without worrying, as they had with Excel, that their edits would overlap or conflict. Tableau further empowered our client to deliver advanced forecasting reports at the product and account levels.

The results speak for themselves. Today, the company can effortlessly manage its sales operations across departments without risking miscommunication or data loss.

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