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An Insurance Solution Provider Eliminates Inefficiency with Salesforce Industries

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A major provider of HOA-tailored insurance solutions
  • Industry: Insurance (Homeowners Associations)
  • Team Size: 25-50
  • Annual Revenue: N/A
  • Headquarters: El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Markets: USA

The Challenge

For years, Community Association Insurance Solutions — a major provider of HOA-tailored insurance solutions — managed customer quotes through a clunky homegrown system and email. This approach placed a heavy burden on the company’s underwriters, who were responsible for processing client data and delivering quotes. Employees often found their turnarounds slowed by overly complex communications and human error.  

CAIS needed a digital solution that could automate manual tasks, codify best-practice workflows, and empower underwriters to deliver accurate quotes quickly.

Gerent’s Approach

After discussing the situation at length, Gerent and CAIS planned an eight-month Salesforce Industries and Salesforce Communities implementation that would automate client data intake, facilitate immediate visibility into vendor-provided quotes, and establish a foundation for future transformation. However, after confirming the operational value automation could provide, CAIS and Gerent decided to extend the project timeline to two years and transform the insurer’s entire quoting process.

Key Outcomes

Gerent delivered an end-to-end solution that eliminated manual inefficiencies from the broker quoting process. Today, underwriters can digitally review an HOA application, request a quote, and assess vendor quotes in just a few clicks. These process improvements have eliminated underwriters’ manual burden, empowering them to deliver better and more expedient service with substantially less effort. The revised transformation plan also served to accelerate CAIS’ transformation, empowering it to achieve its ideal future state more swiftly than originally anticipated.  

CAIS employees have enthusiastically taken to the new system. By the end of the solution’s first day, 208 users had logged into the Communities portal, and no less than six claims had achieved referral status. 

CAIS has achieved its implementation goals — however, its success to date doesn’t preclude more improvements in the future. Now that the organization has proof that Salesforce automation can help deliver accurate quotes on a quick turnaround, its leaders plan to establish additional automations with all of its partner carriers. Ultimately, the insurer intends to achieve an ideal future state that empowers underwriters to set aside burdensome manual processes and focus on what matters: developing strong consumer relationships.

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