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At Diakonia, a Quick Start Implementation Cuts Down on Wasted Time

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: The recruiting arm of a major holding company that encompasses several businesses in the materials handling sector
  • Industry: Manufacturing (Industrial Machinery and Equipment)
  • Team Size: 125
  • Annual Revenue: US$ 50-125 million
  • Headquarters: TN, USA
  • Markets: North America

The Challenge

Before partnering with Gerent in 2020, a materials manufacturer lacked a standard means of qualifying and nurturing incoming leads; it couldn’t accurately capture pipeline opportunities or track interactions with dealers and contractors.

Gerent's Approach

Gerent’s solution architects established Pardot and Sales Cloud via a three-week Quick Start implementation.

Key Outcomes

Post-implementation, the manufacturer could accurately capture pipeline opportunities, conduct robust reporting without unnecessary manual intervention, and establish best practices for lead generation, qualification, and sales distribution. 

Client Success Story

Time is precious in the corporate sector. After all, a busy team only has so many hours to dedicate towards its goals — and losing any of them to rote paperwork can cause a frustrating lapse in efficiency. For the Diakonia Group, a holding company that encompasses several businesses in the materials handling sector, this organizational slog had become an all-too-familiar problem. 

The company’s recruiting department was inundated with job applications and candidate profiles. Normally, this would be a good problem to have; however, because Diakonia didn’t have a candidate tracking system (CTS) to automatically organize the incoming information, managing applications was often a time-consuming and inefficient process. 

“We didn’t really have a centralized way to track everything,” Kyle Keepes, a corporate recruiter for Diakonia, shared in an interview with Gerent. “We were using multiple Excel spreadsheets.”

Without a CTS, Kyle’s team at Diakonia often found themselves sinking valuable time and effort into information gathering and organization. The sheer inefficiency eventually compelled Diakonia to contact Salesforce for a digital solution. Salesforce, in turn, directed the company’s representatives towards an implementation partner — but according to Kyle, the initial experience wasn’t quite as supportive as he would have hoped. 

“Before Gerent, Salesforce recommended another partner, and frankly, communication was terrible — it was hard to even get proposals,” he explained. 

But after switching to Gerent, the Diakonia team finally received the thoughtful, tailored assistance they needed.

Gerent Provides a Collaborative Implementation Experience from Start to Finish

“From the beginning, Gerent’s sales team was very supportive and down to business. You knew what they were talking about, and they delivered on their proposals,” Kyle said. “The implementation team really sought to understand our business and what we needed. Once they did, they were able to apply the concepts we asked for quickly and easily.” 

Gerent’s architects ultimately recommended a one-week Quick Start to implement the CloudGofer Recruiting App — a Sales Cloud product that provides CTS functionality at an affordable price point. 

With CloudGofer, Diakonia’s team could automate time-consuming tasks and gain a more immediate view of ongoing applications. The product would also facilitate a streamlined recruiting process and empower users to manage job openings, track candidate applications, send automated emails, and list jobs on external websites. 

The product suited Diakonia’s needs — but it wasn’t quite perfect. While CloudGofer provided all the CTS functionalities Diakonia would need to track employee placements, it didn’t have similar capabilities for contractors. The problem was easy to solve; Gerent simply extended Diakonia’s Quick Start by two weeks for minor code customization.

The Gerent Result: Centralized Systems, Increased Efficiency

Today, Diakonia maintains a customized CTS that empowers Kyle Keepes and his team to oversee their candidates — without wasting their time on rote paperwork. 

“The CTS helped us centralize our work and in turn, save time,” Kyle reflected on Diakonia’s implementation. “We don’t have to pull data from everywhere and the tool even gives us updates every so often. It’s provided a lot of value.”

So much value, in fact, that Kyle was kind enough to send over a review to his contact at Salesforce. “The Gerent team has done a great job,” he wrote in an email. “Thank you for recommending them to us and I would recommend them as a top choice to anyone looking to implement down the road!”

Could your business realize similar efficiency gains with Salesforce? Contact us today to learn how we can help boost your team towards success!

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