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Gerent Implements Salesforce CRM, Reviving a Medical Tech Provider's Marketing Efforts

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A major provider of medical tech solutions in North America
  • Industry: Technology (Medical)
  • Team Size: 100-200 employees
  • Annual Revenue: N/A
  • Headquarters: NC, USA
  • Markets: North America

The Challenge

A major provider of medical tech solutions struggled with inefficiencies in its process structure, burdened by silos, a lack of sales support, and a poorly adopted CRM. Lacking any coherent framework from which to manage its opportunities, the client struggled to follow up on leads, put together a successful marketing campaign, and maximize its opportunities.

Gerent’s Approach

The Gerent team addressed the client’s pain points with a Quick Start implementation, getting its new CRM up and running within seven business days. First, the team implemented Sales Cloud to break down silos and provide a framework for interdepartmental communication. Next, the Gerent team implemented the Salesforce Mobile and Outlook apps to add mobile support for remote teams. Finally, to help the client segment and target potential customers, Gerent’s team implemented Definitive Healthcare, a third-party, Salesforce-compatible app available on AppExchange.

Key Outcomes

Post-implementation, the client’s data gathering and analytics processes were centralized, and interdepartmental communication was seamless. Sales Cloud also provided the client with a means of tracking email campaign success, as well as a simple means of monitoring and following up on leads. Pairing this functionality with Definitive Healthcare, the client was more easily able to target and reach out to potential clients of its own. 

Through Salesforce’s Mobile app and Outlook app, mobile teams had access to all the same resources as their in-office counterparts, making it easy to maximize lead potential. Finally, to ensure that the client’s CRM solution would provide lasting benefits, Sales Cloud was integrated into the client’s existing ERP, avoiding the issues that caused its last CRM to provide lackluster results.

Client Success Story

The need for sophisticated medical equipment and intelligent data gathering platforms is constantly growing in the medical space. As such, there are a growing number of technology firms working in what has rapidly become a highly competitive field, aiming to supply hospitals with solutions designed to meet patient needs. 

Our client, a top-tier provider of medical tech solutions, struggled with inefficiencies in its process structure that negatively affected its marketing and lead generation efforts. Seeking to improve its customer acquisition, better follow up on leads, and provide its team with much-needed support, the client approached Gerent looking for a way to optimize its process structure.

An inefficient process structure hinders the client’s ability to provide top-tier service

Gerent recognized that the client was dealing with a common siloization problem. Personnel in the field kept all data and information on their activities on their computers or offline spreadsheets. Not surprisingly, this made it difficult for company-wide sales teams to share and consolidate information, leaving employees with no coherent means to access, analyze or act on vital data. 

As a result of this siloization, the client had no framework to manage its opportunities, which meant it was not tracking or following up on vital leads. Further disrupting the client’s sales and marketing efforts was an inability to measure the success of its email campaigns.

Gerent’s second challenge was to provide mobile capabilities, as the client lacked tools to facilitate the operations of its field workforce. Without mobile tools, remote sales teams had no means of conveniently accessing or sharing vital data with other departments, which further hindered the client’s attempts at following up on leads.

Finally, Gerent needed to drive CRM adoption across the organization. While the client had a digital framework in place, it was cumbersome to use, complicating instead of improving the client’s processes. This inefficiency led to poor adoption, causing the client to miss out on the long-term benefits of a successful implementation and teaching its staff to default to traditional, inefficient practices.

Gerent addresses the client’s pain points with a full-scope CRM solution

Gerent partnered with the client to design an optimal solution with a Quick Start — an implementation that would get the client’s Salesforce CRM up and running within seven business days.

Seeking to address client pain points efficiently, the Gerent team started with a Sales Cloud implementation. Sales Cloud provided the client with an easily-navigable foundation for its process structure, breaking down silos and centralizing data for easy communication and analysis. Bridging the significant gap between the Client Services and Sales departments, Sales Cloud would provide much-needed interdepartmental support across the organization. 

Gerent’s team also integrated the Salesforce solution with the client’s back-end EPICOR ERP system, using the infrastructure already in place to facilitate an easy transition. Finally, Sales Cloud provided the client with email campaign management capabilities. Sales Cloud’s vital analytics allowed the client an in-depth understanding of campaign success, which it could apply to future marketing efforts. 

To address the issue of mobile support, Gerent implemented the Salesforce Mobile and Outlook apps. The Gerent team believed that the client’s sales team needed the ability to access vital information remotely and on-demand to maximize lead potential.

Further improving the client’s marketing capacity, a critical component of Gerent’s solution was Definitive Healthcare, a third-party app available on Salesforce’s AppExchange designed to be compatible with the base CRM. An app that contains databases on physicians, hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities throughout the United States, Definitive Healthcare would help the client segment and target potential customers.

Gerent’s solution sets a telehealth provider up for long-term success

Post-implementation, the Gerent team solution provided the client with infrastructure that addressed all of its immediate pain points. 

Through Sales Cloud, the silos that previously hampered the client’s operations were replaced with a centralized, optimized system. Sales Cloud made it easy for employees across the organization to access and share information through a single standardized platform, providing the interdepartmental support structure the client sorely needed. 

Sales Cloud also provided the client with an efficient means of tracking and following up on leads and the ability to manage and analyze email campaigns. To help the client segment, target, and turn cold contacts into leads, Gerent patched Definitive Healthcare into the base CRM. Finally, to ensure that the client’s CRM solution would provide lasting benefits, Sales Cloud was integrated into the client’s existing ERP.

With the Salesforce Mobile and Outlook apps, the Gerent team created a structure for the field sales team to access key account information, contacts, and potential leads right from their mobile devices. Both apps granted this segment of the workforce the ability to capture and retrieve historical information in Salesforce, making data sharing much more efficient.

The client’s fully scalable Salesforce solution patched holes in its process structure, making it easier for it to provide high-quality solutions of its own to medical professionals. No longer hampered by silos, an inefficient CRM, or a lack of mobile support, the client has all it needs to establish itself as a dominating force in the medical tech industry. 

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