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Gerent Revitalizes Leading Glassware Manufacturer’s Processes With CRM Solution

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A major supplier in the glassware manufacturing industry
  • Industry: Consumer products manufacturing
  • Team Size: 500-1000+ employees
  • Annual Revenue: Over $500 million
  • Headquarters: Arques, France
  • Markets: North America, China, UAE, Europe

The Challenge

A leading glassware manufacturer struggled with an inefficient process structure as they became globalized. Lacking relationship management software, the client ran on Excel spreadsheets and emails scattered across accounts.

Once the company globalized, these inefficient processes caused inventory reporting and lead generation issues. Worse, a lack of information centralization caused each of their locations to act independently of each other, leaving the client unable to achieve the benefits of genuine globalization. Finally, the team lacked the infrastructure necessary to develop a comprehensive picture of their customer base and, as a result, struggled to develop a successful marketing approach.

Gerent’s Approach

Gerent implemented a full-scale Salesforce solution to centralize and streamline the client’s operations. By implementing solutions like Sales and Service Cloud, Gerent provided the client with a 360-degree view of its customers, a centralized platform for information gathering and analytics, and a unified system that connects all locations across the globe.

Key Outcomes

The client achieved true globalization with a unified, centralized infrastructure. This new process structure resolved problems with inventory management and disjointed communication between branches, paving the way for further expansion. 

The CRM also generated a detailed profile of the client’s customer base, which fueled the client’s marketing and lead generation efforts. The implementation didn’t simply bridge silos; instead, it allowed the manufacturer to centralize and utilize its data in ways it never could before.

Client Success Story

Rising to the enterprise level takes a lot of time and effort, and what constitutes an optimized process structure can change significantly as businesses expand over time. Such was the case with our client, a crystal and glassware manufacturer that became a multinational giant with five different locations across the globe. 

Lacking any kind of CRM, the client used a patchwork network of inefficient tools to support its business operations. This approach worked well enough for the firm at the startup level; however, the company’s process structure eventually buckled as its operations grew to support global activities. 

An inefficient process architecture results in delayed growth

Despite high market penetration and sales success, our client was operating at a disadvantage. The company’s inefficient system architecture hampered its attempts at growth, causing issues with inventory reporting and lead generation. Relegated to using Excel spreadsheets and collecting emails in several disparate accounts, the client couldn't keep track of vital data reliably. 

Due to siloization, processes involving its various manufacturing, sales, and inventory systems were negatively affected — often to the extent that the firm could not define its global business easily. Considering that the client spread their business out across five locations globally, this impaired communication had a significant impact on the manufacturer’s business.

Moreover, our client had limited marketing capabilities and no strategy to market proactively to existing customers. Without relationship management tools, it had no means of streamlining consumer communications or defining its customer base. The client also invested little in generating leads, which caused its growth to stagnate.

Addressing the client’s pain points

Gerent’s project team explained the full scope of the client’s issues and proposed a solution that would target three regions within the company’s sphere of influence — North America, France, and Spain. 

Gerent implemented Sales Cloud for its ability to connect every commerce channel and provide a centralized platform that would enable inter-branch communications. Sales Cloud would also improve many of the processes previously inhibited by the manufacturer’s fragmented process structure, including lead, account, and opportunity management. Gerent further implemented Service Cloud to provide omnichannel customer support, strengthening the company’s customer service infrastructure.

All this said, Gerent’s work didn’t stop with Sales and Service Cloud. Our team also implemented Pardot to address the client’s issue following up with customers. Pardot allowed the client to track the success of its marketing campaigns in real-time and aligned its sales, service, and marketing departments.

Gerent provides a solution that unites the client’s fragmented process structure

Once Gerent implemented the full-scale Salesforce solution, our client achieved capabilities it had never had before. The manufacturer now had a consolidated sales process to forecast global inventory. Domestic and overseas operations were now globalized and centralized, eliminating silos in sales, service, and marketing efforts.

The implementation also gave our client a complete, 360-degree view of all customer touchpoints and proactive customer service opportunities. Through Sales and Service Cloud, the client obtained predictive marketing capabilities, resulting in better-qualified leads and meaningful, targeted marketing efforts. Sales Cloud and Service Cloud also unified the client’s customer support channels, thus improving response time, triggering messaging based on customer actions, and providing omnichannel support for its customer service infrastructure.

Through Pardot, the client could gather intelligent data that encouraged efforts to nurture prospects and leads. Both Sales and Service Cloud were tied into these data streams, giving the client real-time analysis and the ability to respond quickly to opportunities and situations.

For the first time, our client had the means to reach out and forge partner communities with independent glass and tableware consultants, which gave the company unprecedented visibility into its sales efforts through pipeline management.

Before the Gerent team implemented its solution, the client was operating off a fragmented, broken process structure that hampered its operations as it expanded. Afterward, this leading glassware manufacturer had the infrastructure it needed to continue its expansion without hemorrhaging customers, leads, and opportunities. Powered by Salesforce solutions that enable better customer service, communication between departments, and connection across the globe, the client is poised to dominate its market like never before. 

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