Talent Relocation Company Provides Seamless Customer Experiences with Salesforce Solutions

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A major provider of talent relocation services
  • Industry: Hi-Tech
  • Team Size: 100-1,000 employees
  • Annual Revenue: $97.78 Million
  • Headquarters: NJ, USA
  • Markets: Global

The Challenge

For years, the business operations of a company offering talent relocation services had suffered because of its reliance on a fragmented, outdated system structure. The organization's operations were spread across four different systems that struggled to communicate, which made it difficult to parse conflicting client data — and nearly impossible to provide customers with seamless experiences. 

As such, the company needed a digital framework that would empower its team to collaboratively provide top-notch, industry-competitive customer experiences.

Gerent’s Approach

After communicating with the client at length, Gerent suggested that the company implement a Salesforce environment that could facilitate departmental collaboration and provide a single source of truth for customer data. This massive project would implement Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and several AppExchange apps, each of which would provide specific functionalities.

Key Outcomes

Gerent’s implementation eliminated interdepartmental silos, thus enabling the company to provide fluid service at each level of its business with complete visibility into every process stage. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud collectively established a centralized environment wherein vendors, customers, and internal stakeholders alike could communicate without being hindered by silos. Naturally, this improvement led to secondary benefits — namely, efficiency, better service, and smoother process flows. 

Customer convenience was also a major win for our client. Post-implementation, customers could access self-service options through new, Salesforce-powered portals. AppExchange apps like DocuSign further provided the organization with online document signing functionality and other convenient, user-friendly capabilities. 

With nothing to hinder operations and a fully-scalable process structure, the client stands poised to continue its market domination and provide customers with seamless, brand-unique experiences. 

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