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A Workforce Mobility & Relocation Services Provider Creates a Proprietary Collaboration Platform with Salesforce

Client Success Snapshot

Client Profile:

  • Overview: A multinational provider of workforce mobility & relocation services
  • Industry: Consumer Business Service
  • Team Size: 100-1,000 employees
  • Annual Revenue: N/A
  • Headquarters: NJ, USA
  • Markets: Global

The Challenge

Until 2021, our client — a global provider of employee relocation services — facilitated its operations via an antiquated homegrown CRM system. In the four decades since the platform’s construction in the 1980s, it had become nearly unusable, riddled with data silos and grafted-on functionalities. This unsuitability posed a significant problem for our client as it scaled upwards and expanded its offerings, client base, and partner relationships. 

As a workforce mobility provider, our client collaborated with a host of third-party vendors to deliver relocation services (e.g., home-buying, school enrollment, vehicle acquisition, etc.) to enterprise customers. The complexity of these microservices required our client to operate in lockstep with its partners; however, the company’s outdated CRM often prevented productive collaboration. 

Pre-implementation, the workforce mobility provider relied entirely on its workers to ensure information accuracy and coordinate with internal teams, partners, and customers. This approach exposed the company to human error and led to collaborative frustration; a simple mistake, such as forgetting to follow up with a partner or leaving a typo on an invoice, could result in confusion or even relationship and reputational damage. 

Moreover, because our client lacked a 360° view of its customers, its teams often had no idea how many people they would need to serve in a given initiative, which services they would require, or how much work had been completed for the account. External partners faced a similar problem, often struggling to ascertain their commitments, outstanding work, and owed compensation. This uncertainty often created confusion and, in some cases, dissuaded vendors from renewing their contracts. 

Our client recognized that it needed to replace its antiquated legacy system with a modern digital framework that could facilitate collaboration, empower internal and external teams, and — above all else — deliver 360° visibility into customer accounts and ongoing initiatives. To achieve these goals, the company turned to Gerent, a Summit-level Salesforce implementation partner.

Gerent’s Approach

Together, Gerent and the workforce mobility provider created a proprietary digital framework that could facilitate daily operations and empower the company to deliver exceptional experiences to its partners and customers alike. The solution was custom-built using Salesforce’s innovation engine and included several core Salesforce products, including:

  • Sales Cloud: Sales Cloud established a shared source of trust and 360° visibility into client accounts, thus ensuring that everyone involved in a project could identify its status, coordinate action, and provide real-time updates to stakeholders. Sales Cloud further established automated workflows to lessen the organizational burden placed upon representatives.
  • Service Cloud: With Service Cloud, our client would be capable of delivering exceptional service across every possible channel. Rather than depending on a human representative to provide status updates, customers and partners could access information via intuitive self-service portals — or receive personalized support via voice, instant messaging, or email. 
  • Experience Cloud: Gerent leveraged Experience Cloud to create communities that could facilitate productive communication and collaboration between our client, its vendors, and customers.
  • MuleSoft: Gerent leveraged MuleSoft to perform integrations between our client’s ERP and its vendors’ systems, thus ensuring that all stakeholders would remain aligned on ongoing customer accounts, invoicing, compensation, and outstanding payment and/or work.

In short: Gerent created a functional, flexible, and scalable Salesforce solution that could uphold day-to-day operations and help our client deliver best-in-class experiences to its partners and customers. 

Key Outcomes

Post-implementation, the workforce mobility company united its internal teams and vendor partners, facilitated cross-organization communications, and provided exceptional omnichannel experiences to its collaborators and customers. 

Project stakeholders enjoy near-unprecedented agency over their experiences. External collaborators can access accurate, real-time information via self-service portals and communities or engage in productive teamwork with internal representatives via their preferred communication channels. With the establishment of a centralized data management platform, internal stakeholders and external collaborators alike also gained much-needed visibility into receivables. Thus equipped, our client could ensure that all vendors received prompt payment for services rendered — and maintain better relationships. 

Gerent’s Salesforce implementation gave the workforce mobility company the functionality it needed to establish itself as a competitive player and partner in the workforce mobility sector. Today, our client isn’t just an effective service provider; it’s a recognized innovator in its industry.

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