We believe a single opportunity has the power to launch a career.

Our Salesforce Business Analyst (BA) Launchpad program is designed to give unconventional candidates a paid shot at their dream career.

More than a bootcamp

We don’t just impart foundational skills; we teach you how to apply them, pay you for your work, and give you the support you need to start building a long-term career.

Empowering professionals from all walks of life

From recent college grad to mid-career pivoter, we welcome anyone who earnestly wants to upskill or reskill with Salesforce.

Accelerating achievement, one cohort at a time

Our BA Launchpad up or reskills candidates into billable Salesforce Business Analysts within seven months.

Meet Gerent’s BAs!

Cody S.

Background: US Navy, IT Administration

Before I joined Gerent, I had IT skills and plenty of hours logged in Trailhead, but not much practical Salesforce experience. Gerent’s Launchpad gave me the opportunity to work alongside lead business analysts on active projects and obtain the hands-on experience I needed to become a successful BA.”

Terry H.

Background: Grocery Management & Restaurant Service

I was referred to Gerent just as I began trying to pivot from service roles into more tech-centric opportunities. I appreciate that the Launchpad program gives you the keys to success but doesn’t limit you to a single path; it’s up to you to figure out how you want to navigate the ecosystem with the skills you’ve been given.”

Lisa R.

Background: Recent College Graduate (HR and Business)

When a friend introduced me to the Launchpad program in 2021, I wasn’t sure whether it was the best fit for me — I had never been the most technical person. But I was about to graduate, and I knew I wanted a career track that would allow me to work remotely. Gerent turned out to be the best possible fit for me; I could kickstart my career and build all the skills I needed to succeed from home.”

The Launchpad Arc

Providing mentorship and hands-on learning to upskillers and reskillers alike

We actively encourage learners to network with our senior developers, architects, and industry practice leaders.

We want our enrollees to have all the professional development resources and support they need to achieve success — because as they thrive, so too do our company and clients.

We designed our Launchpad program to empower people to pave their own path into tech. It’s incredible what our enrollees achieve once given the opportunity to try.”

Deb Stefanoni, Chief People Officer

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Now accepting applications!

Program start:

August 2022

Applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes for review to stephanie.irizarry@gerent.com