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We are committed to being a world-class Salesforce partner in the manufacturing & distribution vertical. We are focused on bringing solutions around data and analysis that enable leaders to make valuable decisions in real time, uncovering the quickest time-to-value and measurable returns on investments.

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Deep experience in Salesforce for Manufacturing

Gerent has been successfully implementing technology solutions for both discrete and process manufacturers for the past 13 years. We are invested heavily in manufacturing and have in-house experts with years of on point use experience.

Manufacturing Cloud Expertise

Gerent is a proud Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Partner. We are a go-to partner in manufacturing with years of market experience and one of the first to deliver Manufacturing Cloud to our customers.

Manufacturing is our largest focus area.

Making up 40% of our customer base, we know manufacturing and we know how to help manufacturers get the most out of technology to reduce working capital, waste and inefficiency.

Fast time-to-value

Quality is important to us but so is speed. Our project completion rate is known to be 40% faster than other Salesforce consulting and implementation partners saving you time and money and accelerating business value.

Substantial experience in both discrete and process

Because of Gerent’s experience in creating technology solutions for the manufacturing sector, we have the depth of knowledge to work with significant types of manufacturing - discrete or process - and deliver on our promise of high-value service.

Powering Manufacturers

Unlock data in real time

Present accurate data in real time across teams and facilitate stronger business discussion.

Facilitate decision making

Review accurate data and make timely course corrections or plan changes, enabling agility in changing market conditions.

Increase business efficiency

Enable account and product forecast accuracy, strategic KPI tracking and levels 1-5 dashboards.

How we can help

Meet Sam

VP National Sales

I have 7 RVP direct reports with a total of 300 salespeople in the field; some are independent reps. I have to present a forecast by account down to the part number for a rolling 12 months. It seems like I spend most of my time forecasting. I also struggle to get the independents to forecast; they say it is non-value-added work for them.

How can technology help?

  • Integrating Manufacturing Cloud with your ERP systems drive volumes of data and can segment it by account to the part number.
  • You will be able to divide goals amongst your teams and track progress in dashboards.
  • With the use of AI, it is possible to drive insights into forecasting that are valuable and can shorten the process.
  • Enabling community access for you independent sales folks, providing access to sales and commission tracking will help engage them in the forecasting process.

Meet Mark

CFO Mid-Size Component Manufacturer

I am a single site facility in diverse markets with a high seasonality mix. The struggles of flexing the workforce or level loading the factory can mean the difference between making or losing money in any given month. I rely heavily on sales and operations working together on forecasting. I also need to watch volumes and pricing carefully, we have lots of competition and need to keep our customer base happy.

How can technology help?

  • Integrating Manufacturing Cloud with your ERP systems drive volumes of data and can segment it by account to the part number.
  • Setting up a dashboard to look for variability in volume and margin will help pinpoint areas of concern in real time.
  • Managing contracts and sales agreements by account to look for pricing opportunities.
  • Connecting forecast to inventory control to avoid obsolete inventory risks and accruals for expenses.
Anandhi Narayanan

Anandhi Narayanan

SVP, Business Transformation & Strategy

Anandhi Narayanan has 17 years of experience in manufacturing both in the business and in IT. For the past 4 years, as a consultant, she has been leading cross cloud implementations, driving strategy and thought leadership for supply chain organizations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Nikhil Bhatia

Nikhil Bhatia

Director of Automotive

Nikhil Bhatia is an automotive professional with 10+ years of experience working as a strategic consultant for leading industry brands. As a cross-disciplinary leader and strategist, Nikhil specializes in developing high-potential sales strategies, enabling process improvement, and implementing digital strategy & aftersales programs.

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Nicholas Holbik-Siu

Nick Holbik-Siu

Director of Distribution

Nicholas Holbik-Siu is an experienced leader with a strong track record in the wholesale distribution space. After graduating from McMaster University, he went on to work his way up the ladder at EMCO and Norwood Waterworks before joining the Gerent Family.

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Our Point of View

Providing Personalized Service at Scale: The Role of Tech in Distribution explores how distributors can surmount the competitive challenge by embracing digitalization, eliminating operational silos, and elevating their customer experiences.

Episode 11: Building Better Customer Relationships: How Distributors Can Return to “Normal-ish"

Despite the struggles, market disruptions, and supply chain issues that have plagued the distribution sector over the last two years, it’s not all that hard for those in the industry to look towards the future with optimism.  After all, many businesses in distribution have seen steady business or even positive growth since March of 2020. But the reality is, many distributors (even the ones who were successful over the past two years) may soon find themselves in a precarious position — one that places a tremendous weight onto account managers and sales reps. Challenges in fulfillment have put relationships to the test; businesses need more effective communication and inventory management strategies to keep customers happy. And, as a result, the need for effective digital tools has become more pressing than ever.

On this episode of Transformation @ Work, we look at how digital tools can help businesses navigate the market shifts brought on by the pandemic and maintain stellar relationships long after things have shifted back to “normal” — whatever that might look like.

September 9, 2022

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