Distribution Practice

Our Salesforce consultants create solutions that empower distributors to deepen relationships, streamline operations, and unlock visibility.

At Gerent, we understand that robust relationships drive success in distribution.

As your Salesforce implementation partner, we can help you create a single source of truth and harness your data — so you can gain crucial visibility into your operations, relationships, and customer behaviors.

Distributors We Work With

Building and
Construction Supply

Electrical Distribution

Third-party Logistics Providers (3PLs)

Wholesale Distribution

Manufacturing Companies
with Distribution Channels

Food and Beverage

Retail Distribution

Supply Chain and Logistics

Medical and Pharmaceutical

How You Benefit

Achieve a deeper understanding of your customers, their behavior, and their journey.

Let’s design and implement a Salesforce solution that delivers critical customer data insights — including purchase history, interactions, and open opportunities — right to your team.

positions map

Connect the dots between marketing and sales

By generating actionable marketing insights from sales activity, you'll be able to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t, taking your market exposure and brand power to a whole new level.

Convert quotes into orders

Our Salesforce Distribution solutions enable you to streamline your sales process, deliver better customer experiences, and quickly convert quotes into orders.


Optimize and automate business processes

Use automation to uphold your business processes, enhance productivity, and promote cross-team collaboration.

visibility user

Leverage accurate forecasting to drive growth

With Salesforce, your sales leaders can use real-time data to generate the accurate and actionable sales forecasts they need to make timely strategic decisions.

Unlock a 360-degree understanding of your organization

Eliminate data silos, enable better communication across business units, and drive growth by establishing a single source of truth within Salesforce.

We provide solutions for:





relationship management




and campaign attribution



Pricing management

Why Choose Us?

Our team consists of Salesforce and distribution industry veterans, all of whom have extensive experience in digital solutions and operational problem-solving. Choose us to execute your Salesforce implementation, and we’ll construct a tailor-made solution that fits like a glove.

We’ll take the time to understand your unique business

We’ll build you a sustainable and scalable solution

We’ll collaborate with you every step of the way

Our Experts

Nicholas Holbik-Siu

Nick Holbik-Siu

Distribution Leader

Nicholas Holbik-Siu is an experienced leader with a strong track record in the wholesale distribution space. After graduating from McMaster University, he went on to work his way up the ladder at EMCO and Norwood Waterworks before joining the Gerent Family.

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Anandhi Narayanan

Anandhi Narayanan

Business Transformation & Strategy Leader

Anandhi Narayanan has 17 years of experience in manufacturing, both in the business and in IT. For the past 4 years, as a consultant, she has been leading cross-cloud implementations, driving strategy and thought leadership for supply chain organizations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Ryan Bjorgaard

Ryan Bjorgaard

Industries Product Leader, Manufacturing & Distribution, Auto, Energy

Ryan Bjorgaard is a veteran solution architect who specializes in helping organizations achieve more with Salesforce. Bjorgaard excels in developing secure, scalable Salesforce solutions that are easy for end-users to learn and adopt. To date, Ryan has worked on enterprise and multi-cloud projects for organizations in the retail, technology, higher education, logistics, and manufacturing industries.

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Our Point of View

Our thought leaders on the hot topics and latest trends in distribution.


How Can Salesforce AI Help Distributors?

How Can Salesforce AI Help Distributors?How Can Salesforce AI Help Distributors?


Distribution AI: Generative AI Use Cases Today and Tomorrow

Distribution AI: Generative AI Use Cases Today and Tomorrow


Episode 35: Project Rewind: Strategic Implementation

Episode 35: Project Rewind: Strategic Implementation
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Episode 11: Building Better Customer Relationships: How Distributors Can Return to “Normal-ish"

Despite the struggles, market disruptions, and supply chain issues that have plagued the distribution sector over the last two years, it’s not all that hard for those in the industry to look towards the future with optimism.  After all, many businesses in distribution have seen steady business or even positive growth since March of 2020. But the reality is, many distributors (even the ones who were successful over the past two years) may soon find themselves in a precarious position — one that places a tremendous weight onto account managers and sales reps. Challenges in fulfillment have put relationships to the test; businesses need more effective communication and inventory management strategies to keep customers happy. And, as a result, the need for effective digital tools has become more pressing than ever.

On this episode of Transformation @ Work, we look at how digital tools can help businesses navigate the market shifts brought on by the pandemic and maintain stellar relationships long after things have shifted back to “normal” — whatever that might look like.

September 9, 2022

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