Transformation at work podcast

Transformation @ Work

Sure, we all know what digital transformation is in theory — but what does it look like in practice? Transformation @ Work takes a deep dive into our rapidly changing business landscape and unpacks the economic trends affecting real businesses (and people) today. Every episode, host Jeff Stormer sits down with experts and industry leaders to strip away the jargon and empower listeners to action real digital change with Salesforce.

Let’s leave the buzzwords behind, together.

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Sustainability @ Work

Here’s a question: can one person really make a difference? Maybe not alone; but when people work together, they have the power and potential to change the world. After all, if you put enough water droplets together, you might just create a tidal wave. 

On Sustainability @ Work, we’re diving deep into the details of what it takes to bring people together in the pursuit of a better world. Each episode, we’ll be sitting down with nonprofit visionaries and ordinary people who drive real change through small, meaningful actions. We’re on a quest to understand how enacting advocacy works — and we hope you’ll join us along the way.

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Ahead of the Curve

Whether it's CRM and ERP integration, smart factories, digital underwriting, or how small travel companies can rebound from the pandemic, Ahead of the Curve dives into the substance and surfaces with thorough discussions on how technology is shaping the Manufacturing, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, and Quality Management Industries.

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