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Whatever your goals are, there’s a way to reach them. That’s where Gerent comes in. Our team creates innovative solutions by building products on top of the Salesforce platform, fulfilling a wide range of business needs like enhancing customer interactions and optimizing precious resources. See how we can help you achieve your goals through fresh thinking, ready-to-use data, thoughtful product designs, and turnkey deployment.


There are countless ways to elevate your business. We find new solutions by digging deep into market gaps, operational inefficiencies, and opportunities to enhance the existing Salesforce infrastructure.

Discovery & Insights

Gathering data isn’t enough. At Gerent, we break this complex information into tangible insights that can be used to meet your goals. Combine this with extensive market research, and it’s off to the races.

Design & Development

Design is all about the details. To build an impactful product, we start by creating a low-fidelity prototype, then we test the solutions, build a minimum viable product, and refine until it’s exactly right.

Product Launch

Add more tools to your arsenal. We’ll work with your team to seamlessly deploy new, targeted solutions on top of your existing technology—and make it all available to Salesforce to keep the power going.

Inside Gerent

Venkata Polavarapu, Technical Architect

“You can’t have a competitive edge without innovation. No matter what industry you’re in, your business will be better off with new, strategic thinking that breaks the mold.”

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Do you have an idea for a potential custom product solution? We’d love to chat with you! Join our team for a 2-hour ideation session. During this workshop, we’ll vet the idea, put our heads together to flesh out your thoughts, think through potential features, and explore ways to enhance the Salesforce experience.

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