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The experiential bar has never been higher for healthcare and life sciences organizations.
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Today, payers and providers need to deliver cohesive, empathetic, and personalized support to patients and members.

We can help your team create processes and targeted journeys that put patients and members at the heart of everything you do while ensuring complete security and compliance with health data regulation requirements.

Who We Serve

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What We Do

Gerent designs, develops, and deploys the best-in-class infrastructure healthcare organizations (e.g., payer, provider, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, etc.) need to accelerate digital transformation, improve collaboration amongst stakeholders, and enhance digital engagement with data, automation, analytics, AI, and workforce management.

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Why Gerent for Healthcare & Life Sciences?

At Gerent, we view our customers as partners, not projects. Our consultants take the time to learn about your organization’s unique goals and challenges so we can develop a genuinely personalized solution. We’ll empower you to get the most out of your Salesforce investment by delivering service excellence and guiding your organization on its roadmap to success.


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Industry Experts Who Know You

For over a decade, Gerent has partnered with commercial, public sector and nonprofit health organizations to deliver end-to-end Salesforce functionality to enterprises across the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. Our industry veterans have experienced your team’s pain points firsthand — and know how to alleviate them with well-planned Salesforce initiatives.


Health Cloud Pioneers

As early Health Cloud adopters, we have a deep understanding of the product — and how to ensure it delivers optimal value to our clients. Our consultants partner with organizations in public, private and nonprofit health to transform, modernize, and develop strategic roadmaps that realize positive health outcomes and ROI from core Salesforce and  ecosystem products.


Focus on People, Process, and Technology

We pay equal attention to people, process, and technology when designing elegant, intuitive solutions to complex business problems. Gerent’s consultants help organizations streamline their business processes, obtain crucial data insights, and comply with industry regulations for Electronic Health Records (EHR) by applying big data, automation, and business intelligence best practices.

How We Help

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry — is your team prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead?
At Gerent, we continually strive to stay ahead of the industry trends so we can prepare our clients for the future and boost their ability to compete within an evolving marketplace.

Accelerate digital investments

Healthcare organizations need to do more with less. Teams can leverage Salesforce and process automation to reduce administrative costs and drive lean operations. Exceed leadership expectations by bringing critical stakeholders to the table and establishing a well-defined roadmap with Gerent and Health Cloud.

Leverage data to deliver delightful experiences to patients and members

Expectations around care experiences have never been higher. Our team can help you centralize data within Salesforce to provide a “single pane of glass” into customer information, facilitate omnichannel self-service, and promote satisfaction amongst patients and members.

Eliminate internal silos

Don’t settle for siloed systems. In the past, healthcare organizations conducted their daily operations within homegrown, fragmented platforms; users were accustomed to “swivel-chairing” between systems to meet customers’ needs. But with Salesforce Health Cloud, Gerent can help ensure that the information your team needs is all readily accessible in a centralized hub.


Drive user adoption

A solution must be used to be useful. After our team builds your solution, we’ll help drive interest and understanding among employees so all users feel comfortable working with their new tools. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your leadership to ensure that every user can optimize their efforts with 
Health Cloud.   

Managed Services

Let Gerent maintain, optimize, and evolve your solutions.

The path to a remarkable customer experience is ongoing. Once your solutions are set, there are also maintenance requirements, updates, and expansions down the road. Fortunately, Gerent makes administration and management simple with cost-effective, scalable solutions. See how our team tackles hefty administrative requirements, maintaining your infrastructure, adding new features and capabilities, and accelerating your business for success now and in the future.

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Our Approach

Every organization’s transformation has its own timeline. We recognize that your business may not have the time or resources required
for an extended innovation initiative — which is why we offer Smart Start solutions that provide critical functionality on quick, affordable turnaround.

What Is a Smart Start?

Packaged Solution of Common Use Cases Intended to Accelerate Time to Value

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Foundation Based
on Best Practices

Packaged solution provides 60-80% of pre-built industry best practices with the elevation of the end-user experience in mind.

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for Flexibility

We understand every organization has their own guidelines, nuisances, and integration needs. Smart Starts allow for customizations.

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Time to Value

Less time spent gathering requirements which means lower implementation costs and speed to market.

Our Experts

Brad Killam

Brad Killam

Delivery & Customer Success Leader, Highly Regulated Industries

Brad Killam is a professional service leader with 25+ years of CRM solution development experience, 10 of which were spent working specifically with Salesforce. Brad is passionate about improving healthcare outcomes via effective organizational transformation and is a wholehearted believer in the “process improvement first, technology innovation second” philosophy. He elevates his clients’ operations by analyzing complex problems, drawing conclusions, implementing standards, and providing innovative solutions. 

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Cheryl Gibson

Senior Director of Healthcare &
Life Sciences (Payers)

Cheryl Gibson is a tenured healthcare professional and Salesforce solution leader who excels in translating business processes into high-value technical solutions. With nearly three decades of industry experience — 10 of which were dedicated to directing the strategy, design, and implementation of complex projects in the Salesforce ecosystem — Cheryl is well-equipped to help Gerent’s payer clients overcome hurdles and achieve their ideal future state.

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Jill Winegar

Senior Director of Healthcare &
Life Sciences (Technology)

Jill is a multifaceted leader with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare, advertising, and marketing industries. She specializes in providing strategic guidance during implementations, developing winning lead engagement strategies, and cultivating strong teams and partnerships. As a results-minded professional, Jill is committed to building exceptional user- and patient-focused experiences.

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Kal Shah

Insurance Leader

Kal is a professional services executive with a proven record of driving success for customers across the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and technology industries. As a veteran sales and transformation leader, Kal is adept at helping executives and cross-functional teams mobilize for transformation, establish a POV/roadmap and deliver on the vision using the Salesforce enterprise solutions. At Gerent, he’s leading the Insurance practice after a successful tenure as a Salesforce customer, ISV and employee. Previously, he was accountable for building a successful, multi-industry global advisory business while leading transformations across various P&C, L&A and Payer organizations.

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Kishan Ramineni

Insurance Architecture & Technology Leader

Kishan is an accomplished, results-driven, techno-functional leader. In addition to having 15 years of diverse IT experience in insurance, finance, health industries, Kishan is a member of Salesforce Industries Industry Partners Masters Program and has achieved the Salesforce Industries Customer Endorsement Badge for the insurance industry. He possesses extensive experience with enterprise application deployment architectures and environments, as well as proficiency in architecting and designing end-to-end applications and solutions with technical, economic, and risk trade-offs. He excels in delivering Salesforce and Salesforce Industries solutions into complex insurance environments.

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Our Point of View

Health Cloud Facilitates Seamless Care Coordination for High-Risk Patients explores why attempting to manage patient journeys manually or with the scant support of an antiquated digital system is an exercise in futility. However, with the assistance of an advanced digital framework like Salesforce's Health Cloud, matters become significantly easier to manage.

Episode 49: Unpacking 2024’s Biggest Priorities for Payers (And How Salesforce Health Cloud Can Help)

A new year means new trends and priorities for virtually every industry under the sun. And for healthcare payers, several of the most prominent developments of the past few years– such as prior authorization, concerns around member experience, compliance, and the ever-rising role of AI– are projected to become unavoidable in 2024. So how can payers leverage technology to get ahead of these rapidly developing trends? That’s where Salesforce Health Cloud comes in. In this episode of Transformation @ Work, we’re looking at how payers can leverage digital tools to stay one step ahead of 2024’s fastest-developing trends and priorities.

February 8, 2024

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