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Gerent Gives

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Our Philosophy

We know that while a single person can make a difference, a community can change the world. We strive to leverage our employees’ individual strengths and passions to advance charitable causes we all care about.

Humanity’s greatest strength is its capacity for compassion.”

— Gopi Ramineni, CEO

Our Areas of Focus

We’ve built our sustainability efforts around six pillars we believe can uphold a better world. All are distinct and important; however, despite their differences, they all share a few key similarities. Our pillars universally address critical sustainability challenges, resonate with Gerent’s team and stakeholders, and present an immediate opportunity to improve lives all around the globe.

Stewarding Water on Land & Sea

Access to clean water is an essential human right. Our team partners with nonprofits like charity: water to help bring clean, safe drinking water to people around the globe.

UNICEF works with over 190 countries and territories to save children's lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfill their potential from early childhood through adolescence. Our team supports nonprofit initiatives that promote policies and expand access to services that protect all children.

Protecting the Planet

Like us, millions of species call Earth home — but too many lose their lives to climate change and human expansion every year. At Gerent, we recognize the value of Earth’s biodiversity and strive to safeguard nature by supporting environment and wildlife nonprofits.

This year, we planted nearly 1,000 trees to celebrate our 13th year anniversary. We’re proud to partner with, a non-profit organization that allows people around the world to plant trees at the cost of just $1 per tree. With so much deforestation occurring daily, we are committed to giving back to mother nature with the goal of planting 2,000 trees in 2021.

Recovering from Disasters

Natural disasters can wipe out generations of community growth in a matter of hours, leaving thousands without homes or hope. It’s our job as corporate neighbors to step up and provide immediate support by funding trusted humanitarian nonprofits.

Abolishing Hunger & Poverty

At Gerent, we recognize that food is a basic necessity. Everyone should have access to healthy meals, and no person should ever go hungry because of financial challenges. We partner with nonprofits that help provide no-cost food to those who need it most.

Aspiring to Better Health in Body & Mind

As we navigate through the aftermath of a global pandemic, the importance of community health has never been more evident. Gerent recognizes this — which is why we regularly partner with causes that support mental and physical wellness.

Making Quality Education Accessible to All

Education is inherent to personal and community advancement — but too often, children lack the opportunities they need to build their skills and follow their dreams. At Gerent, we support and encourage nonprofit efforts to extend students’ access to high-quality education.

Our Partners

A letter from us to nature

Giving Back as a Team

A little heart goes a long way - coming together for causes we cherish.

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Episode 7: How Do You Know You’re Doing Good?: Evaluating Your Sustainability Impact

Maybe your company gives employees volunteer time off, or donates to sustainability organizations. Maybe you support a hybrid or remote work model that prioritizes employee work-life balance. You’re doing your best to make the world a better place, but… how do you know, for sure, that you’re making the positive impact you think you are? Are there areas your organization is falling short on? After all, true sustainability isn’t a zero-sum game, and can’t happen on the margins; it needs to permeate every part of an organization’s operations to make a true, lasting impact.

November 7, 2023


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