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Reimagine and redefine what’s possible for customer experience
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At Gerent, we help brands optimize their customer journey by unlocking the power of Salesforce.

We specialize in creating efficient omnichannel distribution networks, hybrid shopping models, and digital experiences that will delight and excite your consumers.

Our capabilities encompass Salesforce’s full offerings library —from Consumer Goods Cloud for Sales & Service to Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Loyalty Cloud, CPQ, Billing, and more. As creative solutioning consultants, we can also leverage our knowledge of integration solutions such as MuleSoft to link your Salesforce platform, legacy tech, and disconnected tools into a cohesive and intuitive whole.

Who We Work With

D2C eCommerce

Beauty Manufacturers
& Distributors

Food & Beverage

Apparel, Footwear,
& Accessories

Home Durables


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Pet Supply
& Goods

What We Do

We’re on a mission to help brands create impactful digital experiences that demonstrate a genuine understanding of their customer communities. Our team develops enriched, high-value solutions by drawing practical knowledge and inspiration from relevant industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Transportation, and Tourism.

Curate white-glove hybrid shopping
models that deliver against
your standards
Close the gap and protect
margins between manufacturers
and retailers
Streamline disjointed omnichannel
distribution networks into a single
source of truth
Facilitate cashless and
contactless conversion
Create brand loyalty and increased
cash flow with subscription models
and loyalty programs

Why Gerent

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The experience you need, the results you want
Our seasoned Salesforce consultants provide best-in-class implementations and change-management programs to ensure successful adoption and drive ROI.
A strategic, well-considered path to digitalization
Leverage our Phase 0 approach to mobilize a clear pathway towards digital transformation.
Opportunities for operational growth
Collaborate with our thought leaders to identify new ways to collaborate with manufacturers and distributors.
Personalize and elevate digital engagements
Take your online shopping experience to the next level by creating hyper-personalized touch points for your customers.
The guidance you need to boost trust and drive CLTV
Create automated subscription models and loyalty programs that increase customer trust and cash flow; increase customer loyalty by implementing outstanding customer service best practices.
High-value Salesforce solutions designed to drive performance and boost profitability
Protect your margins by understanding omni-channel pricing and digital contracting; achieve line-of-sight into order fulfillment and customer service.
Guidance for elevating your employee, partner, and customer experiences
Drive satisfaction, boost engagement, and activate internal and external audiences with help from our skilled team of marketing, UX, and experience consultants.

Our Team

Chris Stefanazzi

Chris Stefanazzi

MAE & RCG Sales Leader

Chris Stefanazzi is a veteran sales leader with over 17 years of experience in technology sales. For the past seven, he served as a strategic account executive at Salesforce, where he specialized in building productive relationships with enterprise-level customers in the manufacturing, automotive, distribution, and energy industries. Chris excels in connecting customers to the Salesforce solution(s) they need to accelerate channel management, deliver intelligent and connected field service, streamline parts distribution, and facilitate full-lifecycle marketing.

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Anandhi Narayanan

Anandhi Narayanan

Business Transformation & Strategy Leader

Anandhi Narayanan has 17 years of experience in manufacturing both in the business and in IT. For the past four, she has been leading cross-cloud implementations as a consultant, driving strategy and thought leadership for supply chain organizations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Dennis Warner

Dennis Warner

Marketing Practice Leader, Gerent Experience

Dennis Warner is brand, marketing, and digital experience leader with 20+ years of experience in building up B2C and B2B brands. As an industry veteran, Dennis has a demonstrated talent for identifying growth opportunities, creating strategic plans with data-driven insights, driving product development and delivering financial results. He specializes in brand management, performance/growth marketing, product innovation, digital customer experience, demand generation, account-based marketing and P&L management, among others.

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Tamara Parisio

Tamara Parisio

Consumer Marketing Leader, Gerent Experience

Tamara Parisio is an accomplished marketing professional who has cultivated marketing, advertising, and brand development expertise. With collaborative experience across diverse industries (luxury, health & beauty, wellness, automotive aftermarket, technology, banking, financial, etc.), Tamara developed a robust skill set encompassing strategic planning, product development, sales promotion, event orchestration, digital and traditional media, multi-platform creative, and more.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and a history of innovative solutions to achieve business goals.

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Julia Cole

Julia Cole

Lead Experience Strategist, Gerent Experience

Julia Cole is a digital experience strategist with deep knowledge of UX design. Over the course of her decade-plus career, Julia has honed her ability to take competing needs and wants (e.g., budget, technical constraints, existing architecture, etc.) into consideration whilst advocating for the best possible customer experience. As a strategist, she excels in creating meaningful experiences that resonate with customers while also aligning to her clients’ stated business goals. Her diverse skill set further includes UX-relevant competencies such as design, content strategy, branding, and copywriting.

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Our Point of View

Hardware retailers need a digital boost. In recent years, it’s become clear that businesses in the space can’t meet modern business demands if constrained by limited online functionality and data silos. The hardware retail industry needs modern-day tools to succeed — and without fully embracing digital transformation, retailers may struggle to address customer needs, combat supply chain issues, or attract a digitally-savvy, experientially-attuned customer base.

In this white paper, Gerent addresses how hardware retailers can better meet the demands of a modern market by expanding their digital presence and centralizing their data.

Episode 40: Building a Better Order Management Process: How Salesforce Helps Retailers Innovate & Win

There isn’t just one way to shop anymore – which presents a unique challenge for retailers. After all, how do you build a buying experience that offers the same level of personal care for a customer, regardless of whether they’re shopping in-store, online, or via an app? That’s where Salesforce comes in: by leveraging Salesforce’s data-driven capabilities, backed by the power of AI, retailers can overhaul every aspect of the order management experience, from buying to fulfillment to returns. The end result? Deeper relationships with customers, greater wallet share, and a true competitive advantage.

September 26, 2023

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