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We strive to be the premier Salesforce Quality System solution and advisory services provider. We are committed to assisting you with compliance, regulatory, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Areas of expertise

General manufacturing

Increase efficiency and profitability by reducing defect rate, scrap, and other forms of waste.

Life sciences

Ensure the safety and efficacy of products by meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Optimize audit and supplier management; meet IATF 16949/AS9001 requirements; reduce variation and waste in supply chains and assembly processes.

You can count on us

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Depth & Breadth of Experience

Gerent is a longstanding and trusted CREST Salesforce consultation and implementation partner with over 13 years of experience helping companies reimagine their business in a digital age and delivering technology solutions that transform the customer experience.

Quality Domain Experts

Gerent’s Quality domain experts will deftly guide you in your software implementation, providing feedback and recommendations based on industry best practices and experience. We’ve implemented hundreds of similar projects and have a developed process to align your business needs with software capabilities.

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Fast Time-to-Value

Let our team maximize your investment by accelerating your time-to-value. We will take the lead in your project and ask challenging questions to ensure the highest-value opportunities have correct prioritization.

Organizational Change & Training

Change can be difficult! We facilitate change by partnering with you in identifying improvement opportunities and providing frameworks for institutional change. Our goal is to maximize your ROI and to accelerate your time-to-value.

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ComplianceQuest Experts

ComplianceQuest has selected Gerent to be its sole Salesforce consultation and implementation partner for all manufacturing-based EQMS solutions. Gerent’s expertise and depth of knowledge designing and implementing Salesforce technology solutions along with decades of experience in the manufacturing arena are a perfect fit for ComplianceQuest’s EQMS product.

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Powering Quality Management

Digital Transformation

Update your Quality systems by using cloud-based technologies, AI, and workflow automation

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Salesforce Expertise

Maximize existing investment by utilizing Salesforce-based EQMS/EHS solutions and extending critical business functionality

Connected Data

Make data-driven business decisions through dashboards and reports, integrating your Quality system with third-party systems like ERP

Certification & Compliance Consultation

We provide improvement initiative guidance in accordance with industry best practices in support of your compliance directives and mandates, including ISO 9001, 17025, and 14000, IATF 16949, AS 9001, and others

How we can help

Meet Charlotte

VP of Operations at large enterprise

“My role is to ensure this company is both profitable and sustainable. Due to previous mergers and acquisitions, we have multiple divisions using a hodgepodge of manual processes and disparate, unconnected electronic systems (like our aging premised-based ERP system). Additionally, there are a number of initiatives I would like to prioritize to help the company align and be able to flourish but getting “good” data to make sound business decisions is difficult at best - and getting buy-in or consensus from the multiple divisions is nearly impossible.”

How can technology help?

  • Implementing enterprise-class software can facilitate the adoption of corporate standardized solutions.
  • Having data on a single platform enables rapid access to real-time reports and data, allowing for informed and confident data-driven business decisions.
  • Trending report data also uncovers and highlights which operations are succeeding and which need for improvement.
  • Reports and dashboards are sharable to the CEO and COO and can be viewed as needed.

Meet Michelle

Training Manager at medium-sized business

"I’m responsible for assigning and tracking the onboarding for all new employees as well as annual and ad-hoc training for all 500 existing employees. We are in an emerging industry and the standards and regulations seem to change or be updated frequently. We’re running lean - I have to track all training with spreadsheets and class rolls using pen and paper. When a new course is introduced, the initial assignment is easy: send an email to all 500 users. It’s the follow-up that’s problematic. Some complete assignments right away, some ignore them, others may be on vacation or leave… it’s a nightmare trying to make sure everyone stays current. Worst of all is having a problem with a finished good and having an investigation show that the operator wasn’t properly trained before beginning work."

How can technology help?

  • Automated training management can assign/reassign recurring trainings and track completion.
  • Integrated systems can first check to verify operators are current on training before allowing work to commence.
  • As companies grow, automated training management systems can assign appropriate training based on geography, division, job role, and so forth.

Meet Connie

Quality Manager at small laboratory

“I wear a lot of hats, but most of my time lately is spent hosting customer audits, trying to maintain an internal audit schedule, and qualifying suppliers. Each activity has specific challenges. For customer audits, our various systems aren’t connected (or sufficient in some cases) so it’s difficult to show updated employee training records, demonstrate our equipment is properly calibrated, and that our tests were correctly run with raw data preserved. Our internal audit schedule lately has been at the mercy of whenever we remember or have time to conduct an audit. And supplier qualification has fallen behind, especially with recent challenges and restrictions brought on by the global pandemic.”

How can technology help?

  • Modern integrated systems can ease the employee training burden and can monitor and track equipment maintenance and calibration. Electronic data capture can ensure the preservation of raw data and can enforce appropriate data retention policies.
  • Audit management software facilitates the creation of an audit schedule and can help with resource management and assignment.
  • Cloud-based supplier management solutions can reduce the amount of in-person interaction required and can track and monitor approved suppliers and vendors.
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Meet Randy

Production Line Operator

“I’ve been on-the-job for 20+ years, so this isn’t my first rodeo. I’m frustrated when management makes my job harder.  For example, insisting I have a paper copy of the procedure open as I actually perform it. I’m also asked to fill in for other operators sometimes even though I haven’t been trained on their processes. And it seems like if anything goes wrong, we launch into Kaizen mode - which just takes time away from us doing our actual jobs.”

How can technology help?

  • Electronic document management solutions can simplify the burden of maintaining correct versions of procedures.
  • Electronic production records can help enforce processes and flag unexpected entries.
  • Searchable, accessible knowledge articles can encourage employees toward self-help. Electronic systems can also promote employees to identify issues proactively instead of waiting for catastrophic failures.
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Our Point of View

Quality: The Key to Long Term Success explores the reasons why quality processes are critical to most organizations. We look at how those very processes can also create problems within companies and how software-based technology solutions can streamline quality practices and eliminate the issues that give quality a bad rap.

Episode 12: Quality: With It You Win; Without It You Lose

In the early months of 2020 and amid a frantic, pandemic-prompted scramble for medical gear, the Centers for Disease Control unpacked a rushed shipment of face masks only to make a shocking realization — the masks had unresolvable quality defects. The entire shipment was effectively useless.

Stories like these are startling, if not entirely uncommon. But why do they happen in the first place? In this episode of Gerent’s Ahead of the Curve Podcast, Chris Henry sits down with two experts to uncover why quality occasionally gets the short shrift and how manufacturers can leverage innovative QC technologies to avoid such public disasters. 

April 13, 2021

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