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Transforming vision into reality.
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Our Mission

We aim to be the architects of your organization’s evolution. At Gerent, we’re not just about change; we’re about crafting transformative journeys that rewrite the rules of success.

Imagine a world where change is your ally — where every challenge is a stepping stone to growth, and every transformation sparks innovation. With us by your side, you’re not just navigating change; you’re sculpting a future where your organization not only survives, but thrives. 

Embrace the adventure, and let’s create a legacy of change together.

What does Gerent’s Change Management team do?

Change Strategy Development
Crafting a roadmap for success
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Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
Uniting voices for transformation
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Training and Skill Development
Empowering your team to change
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Resistance Management and Culture Alignment
Guiding your transformation with harmony
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Our expertise

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Strategic Planning

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Resistance Management

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Cross-Functional Collaboration

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Measurable Outcomes

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Why choose Gerent for Change Management?

When you choose Gerent as your Change Management solutions provider, you partner with a team that transforms challenges into opportunities. Our expertise combines visionary thinking with hands-on execution, ensuring your organization navigates change seamlessly. With us, you don’t just gain consultants — you acquire partners who are committed to propelling your organization toward lasting success in an ever-changing landscape.




& Adaptability





Keisha Ruggs
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Change isn’t just a one time event; it’s the spark that ignites a culture of continuous improvement.

Keisha Ruggs

Director of Change Management, Gerent

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Episode 45: From Social Work to Salesforce: Entering the Ecosystem With a Humanities Background

Anyone with a background in the humanities has probably been told they’re pigeonholing themselves from a career perspective at least once. It’s a pervasive misconception — especially in a field as STEM-driven as the Salesforce ecosystem. But the reality is, having a background in building relationships and connecting with people sets you up for tremendous success in a range of Salesforce-related roles. You just need to find those opportunities and take advantage of them.

December 7, 2023

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