Financial Services

Financial Services organizations compete on client experience. But all too often, these same companies rely on outdated procedures that generate silos and result in disjointed and unpleasant journeys for their customers. We can help create Financial Services experiences that put customers at the heart of everything you do.

Tear down the walls within your organization; deliver more for your customers through modern channels.

At Gerent, we empower best-in-class financial services organizations to deliver omnichannel experiences that make consumers feel seen, valued, and supported.

Areas of expertise

Banking and Lending

Understanding your customers is crucial in the banking and lending sectors.

Gerent implements Salesforce to give our partner clients a 360° view of their customers, empowering them to anticipate client needs and surface applicable products and services at just the right time.

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Commercial Banking

  • Digital Account Opening & Onboarding
  • Treasury & Cash Management
  • Digitization of Annual Reviews & Client Planning
  • Lending & Loan Origination
  • Sales Forecasting & Profitability Measurement
  • Segmentation & Coverage Management

Retail Banking

  • Branch Management
  • Contact Center Servicing
  • Data Analytics & Integrations
  • Marketing Preference Management
  • Centralized Activity Tracking
  • Coaching & Performance Management

Mortages & Lending

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval Processing
  • Digital 1003/URLA Data Collection
  • Automated Credit Risk Analysis
  • Integration with Loan & Mortgage Origination Systems
  • Collateral & Document Management Integration
  • Obligor, Guarantor, and Co-Signer Management

Capital Markets

Markets shift in a heartbeat — will your organization be ready?

Financial technology teams often find themselves buried under complex systems and subject to heavy demand challenges; they spend their time keeping up, rather than proactively driving business value.

Developing cutting-edge solutions isn’t a privilege reserved for large, resource-rich firms. Achieve more by connecting with an innovation partner who matches your track record for ingenuity and delivery excellence.  

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Capital Markets

  • Trade Entry & Management
  • Call Reports & MNPI Tracking
  • Regulatory & Compliance Reporting
  • Liquidity & Risk Management
  • Legal & Credit Hierarchy Tracking
  • Pipeline Forecasting & Profitability Measurement
  • Investor & Fund Tracking

Wealth & Asset Management

Predict your clients’ needs before they know they need them.

There’s no crystal ball; great wealth managers leverage data to predict market trends, map future models, and proactively anticipate their clients’ needs. Salesforce provides a comprehensive platform to capture pertinent data and help your firm make accurate predictions for your customers — just as any good partner should.

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Wealth & Asset Management

  • Wealth Management
  • Aggregated Client Householding
  • Digital Appointment Scheduling
  • Guided Onboarding and Account Opening
  • Financial Customer 360
  • Capture Risk and Investment Preferences
  • Track Life Events and Goals

Why Gerent for Financial Services?

When we partner with your firm, we won’t just deliver a project — we’ll give you the holistic blueprint you need to empower your team through well-designed innovation initiatives.


years of combined expereince


full-cycle transformations completed


innovation advisors


& cross-functional solution teams


MVP-based transformations

We’re prepared to empower your business to achieve its ideal future state.

Experts should always lead the way.

Our industry-leading, cloud-accredited professionals maintain a comprehensive understanding of the Financial Services Cloud platform and its ever-expanding capabilities.

Transformation doesn’t work in a vacuum.

We’ll implement solutions that coexist with every industry-adjacent system — from core banking foundations to marketing platforms, integration tool sets, and line-of-business-specific frameworks.

Veteran perspectives are a necessity.

Gerent’s Financial Service practice was built by industry veterans. Our solution leaders have been in your position, experienced your pain points, and know how to drive positive change.

Implementations should be well-crafted.

Good craftsmanship is foundational to transformation success; we deliver the right solution on-time and according to budget.

Partnership is paramount.

As your innovation partner, we prioritize transparency and value our ethics. We will tell you the truth, regardless of whether that truth is hard to hear or inconvenient.

How we can help

Meet Catarina R.

Chief Banking Officer at a large retail institution

“These days, members expect more out of their financial services experience than they ever have before. I worry that we aren’t doing enough to nurture relationships and ensure that our account holders don’t leave us for one of our competitors.”

How can Gerent help?

  • Implement Salesforce to achieve a 360° view of customers’ needs, wants, and outreach history
  • Facilitate better and more efficient case management with complaint and dispute resolution features
  • Maintain customer engagement through onboarding outreach programs, regular financial health assessments, and automated journey mapping

Meet Enzo B.

Chief Banking Officer at a commercial bank

“I feel like we’ve hit a wall. We’re struggling to grow our existing relationships and expand our non-interest income stream. We’re not even sure if our customer experience is keeping pace with the industry standard! We’re stagnating, and you know what they say about organization’s that aren’t always ahead — they fall behind.”

How can Gerent help?

  • Kickstart growth initiatives via whitespace identification tools
  • Elevate opportunity pipeline management
  • Implement centers of influence tracking
  • Improve management of complex relationship groups

Meet Haowei Y.

Executive Vice President at a midsize wealth management firm

“Competition has gotten intense over the last several years. Fintechs have dominated consumer conversations; retention has become a real area of anxiety. We need to find, cultivate, and grow our client relationships. Sure, relationship growth has always been a priority — but now, it’s a matter of survival.”

How can Gerent help?

  • Achieve a 360° view of a consumer’s needs, priorities, and communication history
  • Improve opportunity pipeline management
  • Elevate customer experience via better case and referral management
  • Engage consumers through periodic financial health assessments and next-best-action analytics
At Gerent we don’t have clients — we have partners. We truly believe that every partner deserves the best solution on-time and on-budget. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver excellence in every engagement.”
— Pamela Hannett, Senior VP of Financial Services, Gerent
pamella hannett

Pamela Hannett

Senior Vice President, Financial Services

Pamela is a financial services veteran with over 25 years of financial services experience and more than a decade of Salesforce ecosystem leadership. Her areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) commercial and retail banking, wealth management, and mortgage lending. She is well-versed in Salesforce technology, having previously served as Salesforce’s senior director of product management for Financial Services Cloud. To date, Pamela has onboarded 100+ financial services institutions to Salesforce. She currently stands as a certified Financial Services Cloud Accredited Professional and Trailhead Ranger.

Dan Waldner

Vice President, Financial Services

Dan Waldner brings over 27 years of technology experience to his role at Gerent, including over a decade of hands-on development work. He has spent the last 16 years of his career in the financial services technology sector, facilitating transformations in banking, lending, and capital markets. Dan entered the Salesforce ecosystem in 2015, when he took ownership over the global Salesforce team for Scotiabank, Canada’s third-largest financial institution. Today, he is responsible for financial services delivery excellence — ensuring that every customer is exceptionally happy with their engagement with Gerent.

Alex Bryce

Senior Sales Director, Financial Services

Alex Bryce is a value-driven sales leader who has spent over 15 years in progressive sales roles. In every customer engagement, he seeks to uncover value-add opportunities and cultivate strong, long-lasting relationships. Bryce’ approach centers on discovery; he believes that by uncovering the “why” behind clients’ pain points, he and his team can drive more meaningful interactions that deliver the best results for Gerent’s clients and partners.

Shane Hayes

Financial Services Industries Product Lead

Shane Hayes is a talented financial services technology innovator with extensive development experience. For the last 12 years, he has dedicated his career to building powerful solutions on the Salesforce platform for financial services firms of all flavors, including retail, commercial, mortgage, venture capital, insurance, REITs, lending, and more. He has completed over 100 full-lifecycle implementations to date and currently stands as a five-time Dreamforce speaker. As an active community leader, Shane has also founded and organized Salesforce Developer Groups in Orlando and Tampa, as well as a Slack Platform Community Group in Central Florida.

Our Point of View

Consumers are more stressed than ever before, and it's easy to see why. Inflation is rising, interest rates are skyrocketing, and market uncertainty has become a daily reality. Customers and members are understandably anxious about their finances — and when worst-case scenarios happen, they need well-informed, compassionate support from their financial services providers.

This white paper will explain how the banking industry can use Salesforce’s real-time CRM capabilities to operationalize customer data and deliver well-informed, empathetic service during the moments that matter most.

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Episode 27: So You’ve Just Implemented Salesforce… Now What? Evaluating Salesforce’s Impact

Salesforce implementation is no small feat – it usually costs millions of dollars, and requires weeks (or months) of training, process overhauling, and more. But for many businesses, once the deployment is done, there’s a dreaded question waiting: “Now what?” Without a clear idea of which metrics to monitor post-implementation, teams often struggle to confirm ROI and often risk overlooking key stumbling blocks or opportunities for iterative improvement.

May 1, 2023

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