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We are committed to providing holistic solutions that empower academic institutions and training organizations to achieve their strategic goals and improve their student outcomes.

Who We Are

Salesforce expertise informed by on-the-ground experience.

Our Education practice holds a collective 130 years of combined experience in K-12, higher education, and education management. Every member of our team is an industry veteran who recognizes how education can shape lives, empower communities, and cultivate meaningful change over generations. We know what you do is important —which is why we dedicate ourselves to helping institutions achieve better outcomes for their people, members, and learners alike. 

We craft Salesforce solutions that empower our customers to achieve their goals and deliver better educational experiences at scale. To us, technology is an enabler, not the outcome.

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We create unified experiences that keep the needs, goals, and happiness of your constituents top of mind. Our mission is to build supportive robust business processes and solutions so our clients can focus on what matters most: their students, staff, alumni, and partners.

Dynamic Solutions

We are experienced practitioners conversant in digital solutions and implementation best practices. We create scalable digital transformations that not only resolve immediate problems but also empower institutions and students for generations to come. Our deep cross-cloud knowledge and dedication to applying transformation best practices sets us apart from other partners; we are determined to keep learning and improving for our clients.

Who We Serve


Higher Education

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K-12 Schools

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Online Training

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Language Learning


Trade Schools

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Academic Content

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Corporate Workforce
Training Providers

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Associations & Membership Organizations

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Testing & Credentialing Organizations


Early Childhood
Education Providers

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International & Study
Abroad Organizations

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Recruiting & Placement

What We Do

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What We Know

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Student Success
and Retention



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Student Experience
& Engagement

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How We Do It

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Transformation isn’t an ad-hoc endeavor. We help your team develop an actionable plan that takes your pain points into account and sets your organization on track to Salesforce success.


We are here for you. Our veteran consultants understand that while some problems might be common across the industry, your organization’s specific pain points are unique. We’ll help you craft a value-add solution that suits your team’s needs, goals, and requirements.


With 1,000+ years of collective Salesforce experience and 1,000+ implementations to our name, we’re confident in our ability to build a robust Salesforce foundation for your team.

Digital Experience

We’re living in an experience era. Gerent Experience, our digital product agency, can help your team harness the power of customer data and automation to deliver delightful experiences at every stage of the constituent journey.

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Our industry expertise doesn’t just inform us; it inspires us to push, discover, and expand our capabilities. We aren’t afraid to blaze new trails if it means delivering the results our clients need — and we are always redefining what’s possible for Salesforce products.

Our Team

April Bollwage

April Bollwage

Senior Director of Education
(Recruiting, Admissions, & International)

April Bollwage is an impassioned education leader with 20+ years operational and admissions experience in for-profit education, higher education and state-funded nonprofit training programs. April prides herself on creating collaborative team environments that use technology to unite and empower people of varying perspectives. She specializes in enrollment management, strategic operations, mentorship, data analysis, and Student 360 experience. April is a certified Salesforce Administrator, Education Cloud Consultant, and Business Analyst.

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Jenny Hall

Jenny Hall

Senior Vice President of Education & Nonprofit

Jenny Hall is a versatile executive with 20+ years of demonstrated experience in building service-oriented organizational structures and high-performing teams within the education, nonprofit, and health sectors. Jenny is an expert in enrollment management, youth development best practices, and contact center operations. 
She has a keen eye for operational details, is passionate about leadership development, and knows how to leverage Salesforce technology to optimize organizational resources while building scale.

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Chris Hoffmeyer

Senior Director of Solution Engineering (Education & Nonprofit)

Chris Hoffmeyer is a 19x Salesforce-certified professional with 13+ years of consulting experience across the Health, Energy, Finance, Services, and Manufacturing sectors. Chris now manages the solutioning team within Gerent’s innovative Education and Nonprofit practices; he has a passion for analytics, marketing, and streamlining processes while improving product and service quality. Chris is well-regarded as an international speaker, having previously presented at multiple Salesforce events, including Dreamforce; he also spent nearly half a decade leading one of the fast-growing Salesforce Community Groups. Chris has a passion for enabling and educating professionals and empowering customers to get the most out of their Salesforce platform investment.

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shirin khosravian

Shirin Khosravian, D.B.A

Senior Director of Education (Retention & Student Success)

Shirin Khosravian, D.B.A., is a data-driven strategy and innovation leader with over 18 years of experience in higher education and business transformation. Shirin is also an adjunct professor who teaches graduate-level courses on business, communications and digital marketing. She excels in forging constructive partnerships and empowering organizations to drive growth through people-process-systems strategies and solutions. During transformation initiatives, Shirin leverages her extensive marketing, technical, customer experience, and analytical skills to develop creative, high-value solutions for clients.

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Ernesto Maldonado

Ernie Maldonado

Senior Director, Delivery & Success

Ernesto has over 20 years of general business experience in the United States and Latin America. He has been involved with Salesforce since 1999 as a customer and a consultant. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and has participated in implementation projects with as many as 7,000 users across the hemisphere working together with onshore and offshore personnel. As a subject matter expert in education, sales and marketing and servicing, Ernie has been involved in all areas of a project, from functional consulting to project/engagement management and training.

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Kathy Zozos

Kathy Zozos-Pliagos

Director of Education & Nonprofit

Kathy Zozos-Pliagos is a multidisciplinary leader with over 15 years of experience in management, education, nonprofit, recruitment, and organizational change. For the last decade, she has dedicated herself to empowering organizations with well-designed CRM solutions. Kathy previously served as a customer success architect at Salesforce and, in an earlier role, spearheaded the implementation, adoption, and successful launch of Sales and Service Cloud for three large online international universities. She excels at leading collaborative teams, defining high-performance business processes, architecting supportive solutions, and driving user adoption through effective change management initiatives.

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Our Point of View

A New Chapter: Reintroducing Post-Graduates to the Educational Ecosystem addresses the post-graduate journey, why educational institutions should enhance how they view it within their institutional goals, and how it maximizes the value of the student experience.

Episode 29: Want to Deepen Your Institution’s Student Relationships? Start With Your Communications

You only get one chance at a first impression — and for higher ed institutions, that initial assessment often comes in the form of student communications. When institutions take the time to deliver personalized and welcoming communications, students feel comfortable; and from there, they’re positioned to excel in their new environment.

However, all too often, inconsistent outreach standards between departments can lead to massive variations in the frequency, consistency, and tone of their messaging. Emails from recruitment may be warm and welcoming, but once a student is admitted, those messages may become stilted and brusque. If institutions want to maintain relationships with students long after they become alumni, they need to deliver consistent, personalized communication throughout the entire student journey.

May 23, 2023

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