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We strive to be the leading go-to systems integrator of the Salesforce/Salesforce Industries solution for the insurance industry by:

  • Bringing our expertise, tools and quality services to transform the industry into digital insurance leaders for the evolving risk marketplace.
  • Driving transformative change throughout the insurance value chain and bringing insurance organizations into the advanced world of a gig economy, AI, and on-point customer service capabilities.

Areas of expertise

Property & Casualty

The speed and proliferation of product combined with the increase in competition for new and existing customers is rapidly changing the digital landscape of Property & Casualty Insurance.

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Life & Annuity

For the foreseeable future, interest rates are going to create significant pressure on the profitability of Life & Annuity carriers. Responding to these pressures requires quickly adapting new digital methods and technologies for accelerated underwriting, product introductions and customer acquisition.

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Significant growth is forecasted for the management and underwriting of carrier programs to quickly, effectively and profitably deliver products to customers. The cornerstone of this shift is the MGA, MGU and Wholesale companies. Customers require the streamlined buying and services experience that only a comprehensive digital platform can provide.

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Why Gerent for insurance?


Extensive industry expertise with venerable, heavyweight insurance executive and practice leader.

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Partner of choice

Trusted, go-to implementer of the Salesforce Industries Insurance Solution.

Track record

Proven track record in delivering Salesforce & Salesforce Industries into complex insurance environments including SMBs and major Fortune 500 companies.


Agile, boutique, mid-sized firm with the expertise and capabilities of a large integrator.

Bring leverage & speed to insurance change


Targeted digitization of the distribution space

The advance low-code Salesforce Industries solution enables the introduction of transaction processing (Quote/Bind) earlier in the distribution chain, significantly increasing success.

Break-through solutions to accelerate advanced underwriting decisioning

Analytics and data is incorporated into the underwriting process to ensure decisions are based on proven automated models and human interaction.

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Rapid deployment of insurance products that match the speed of change from IoT and Gig Economy

Effective coverage and strategic positioning for the continued revolution in emerging risk marketplaces, driven by the explosion of the IoT and Gig economy.

Seamless acquisition and service of customers that form a truly 360-degree capability

A single platform to capture and transact while servicing customers in a unified manner that allows alignment across the distribution systems and market.

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How we can help

Meet Oliver

Senior Producer at a large brokerage / wholesale organization

“I drive revenue and clients to the business. I work with multiple parties to make sure that the right insurance solutions match the clients and agents needs. I make sure that the insurance carriers that are being chosen, provide exceptional products and coverages. I require interaction with all parties to place complex risk.”

How can technology help?

  • Provide a platform to manage prospect and customer data in one place.
  • Allows for transactions such as quoting, binding and issuing to work across the parties in a seamless manner, which frees up the producer’s time.
  • Provide insights through analytics on the drivers of successful conversion from quote to issue.
  • Provide management and executive analytics in a manner that is within the day-to-day process rather than additional effort and workload.
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Meet Carl

Underwriter for a medium-sized insurance carrier

“I am where the rubber meets the road. My decisions each day affect prospects, customers and our company. So, a lot is riding on making sure I get these decisions right. To do that, I need to be able to focus on the risks that really require my expertise and allow the advance technology to handle the low-risk decisions without intervention. When I am involved, I need to have access to all the parties involved, all the information required and the specialized exceptions that each product or carrier will have, to ensure risks are properly covered for the right rate. Any deviations I make must be able to withstand the regulatory environment we work within.”

How can technology help?

  • Deliver automated underwriting solutions to ensure that only those risks that really require intervention are identified.
  • Integration of information such as video, pictures, voice and applications into one platform with the ability to navigate the information seamlessly.
  • Provide advanced analytical models aligned to the risk appetite, pricing and exposures for advance insurance policies.

Meet Michael

Claims Supervisor at a large Third Party Claims Administrator (TPA)

“The three things we can all count on in life is death, taxes and claims. I am so glad to be able to help people get back on track with their lives by resolving their claims in an efficient and effective manner. This means that I have to have access to all the customer and policy data to ensure the claim is covered. Then I have to be able to pull the various claim information together into one platform that helps me focus on the claims when there is a change in status or information. Finally, I have to be able to resolve the claim with proven historical information and advanced analytics that can help claimants understand the resolution that allows them to get back on their feet quickly.”

How can technology help?

  • Provide access to the customer information that is relevant to resolve claims quickly.
  • Help keep track of the arrival of new information or completion of additional reviews and route them automatically to key decisions makers.
  • Provide advanced analytical models to arrive at a proper settlement.
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Donn Vucovich

Donn Vucovich

Insurance Practice Leader

Donn is a multidimensional business executive and trusted advisor to senior executives in the insurance industry, with 30 years of deep experience. Donn has always placed great importance in maintaining lasting partnerships with clients based on honesty, mutual respect and a relentless commitment to helping them overcome organizational / industry challenges. Donn has successfully led organizations through numerous transformations leveraging his ability to:

  • Develop and execute business, operational and technical strategies that expand organizational capability and maximize shareholder value.
  • Deliver hands-on leadership that aligns and engages disparate stakeholders in developing strategic visions, streamlining operations, and reversing negative trends.
  • Offer sharp financial acumen, industry expertise and an MBA from University of Chicago – Booth School of Business, to consistently drive outstanding results.
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Nicole McGuire

VP, Insurance Practice

Nicole is a multidimensional executive with over 20 years of vast industry and technical experience. As a trusted advisor in the insurance industry, Nicole's offers industry professionals advice on best practices, software architecture and guides teams to contain and deliver innovative, design forward software solutions that delight their customers while driving value for their company.

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Kishan Ramineni

Kishan Ramineni

Salesforce Industries Lead

Kishan is an accomplished, results-driven, techno-functional leader. He has 15 years of diverse IT experience in insurance, finance & health industries. He is a member of Salesforce Industries Industry Partners Masters Program and has achieved the Salesforce Industries Customer Endorsement Badge for the insurance industry. Kishan has successfully delivered Salesforce and Salesforce Industries solutions into complex insurance environments with his:

  • Extensive experience with enterprise application deployment architectures and environments.
  • Proficiency in architecting and designing end-to-end applications and solutions with technical, economic, and risk trade-offs.
  • Ability to support Sales/Account teams and Software Project Managers in the role of Program Architect during the proposal stage of business requirements capture and during the transition, build, and operate phases of solution/program implementation.
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Our Point of View

Digital Claims Provide Satisfying Experiences and Deliver High ROI discusses why digitalization isn’t a turnkey solution, and how improvement potential doesn’t always translate into real-world gains. Insurers need to approach the claims elevation process strategically or risk their investment falling flat.

Episode 19: Reimagining the Claims Process - How Salesforce Can Help Insurers Retain Customers

For too long, larger insurance providers have competed solely on price, and left customer experiences on the back burner. But the times are changing, and a wave of smaller providers and insurtechs are offering faster claims and more personalized experiences–and customers are taking note. According to a 2021 J.D. Power survey, 87% of customers feel that claims experiences influence their decision to stay with an insurer, and 86% say they’d pay more for a better experience overall. The message is clear: If larger providers want to stay dominant, they need to be able to offer a best-in-class claims experience, and that means leveraging digital tools to make that a reality.

In this episode of Transformation @ Work, we’re looking at the claims process in insurance, and how Salesforce can allow larger providers to truly personalize the experience for their customers.

January 9, 2023

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