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A new era for education is on the horizon.

Post-pandemic, institutions of all sizes and types are finding innovative ways to take advantage of a rising demand for learning services and provide more value to their students. However, no two educators approach this reimagination process in exactly the same way. Your organization is unique; your evolution should be, too.

At Gerent, we see every learning institution as an individual. We want to help you achieve your ideal future state on your terms — which is why we’re opening up limited (and entirely free) office hours to forward-thinking program leaders.

Areas of expertise

We service a wide range of educational organizations:

Online training

Tutoring & Student Advancement

International / Study Abroad

Camps & Recreational Programs

Language Training

Higher Education

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Depth & Breadth of Knowledge

We have a deep and broad understanding of all key areas of educational institutions, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Student Experience & Engagement
  • Enrollment Management
  • Admissions
  • Communities & Portals
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling

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We are a top Salesforce pure-play consulting partner with critical mass and no corporate parent or acquisition-induced constraints.

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We’ve successfully deployed Salesforce solutions into multiple large and complex Education and Training environments.

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We leverage the power of our digital product agency to design winning customer experiences that set your brand apart in the education marketplace.

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Salesforce for Education

Flexible, easily-managed outreach tools to grow enrollment

Build thoughtful student journeys with impactful messaging that communicates your unique culture and value proposition

Dynamic reporting and dashboards powered by secure, unified data

Leverage robust student and partner profiles to gain insight into trends and opportunities for growth

Intuitive self-service portals and knowledge-sharing communities that empower students and partners

Design smart, interactive spaces that provide centralized help, secure account access, and chat for 24/7 support

Scalable scheduling tools to maximize resources and deliver seamless learning experiences

Make informed programming decisions to foster retention and improve student outcomes

How we can help

Meet Sarah

Vice President, Enrollment Management

“As we brace for Fall 2021, I am tasked with managing our enrollment pipeline to ensure that we meet our strategic recovery goals. This “new reality” has certainly put me behind the eight ball because our student demographic has been impacted by the pandemic. We’ve relied on “our students” being “our students” for so long that it’s hard to gain insight into changing trends and new opportunities. I work closely with marketing and recruitment, but I don’t have a good idea of what they are doing and if we’re on track to hit our yield and retention targets.”

How can technology help?

  • Transform once siloed data into a single source of truth to gain insight into student demographics and enrollment trends.
  • Access real-time student pipeline information from lead to application, through admission and enrollment, to track yield and monitor benchmarks.
  • Collaborate seamlessly across business units, courtesy of shared comprehensive student and partner profiles.

Meet Patrick

Director of Marketing

“I have a robust communication plan that fosters student engagement and support. However, because our institution’s data is very siloed, it has become increasingly difficult to leverage critical milestones within the student journey. As a result, there is a misconception that marketing doesn’t understand our students. We have great ideas and direction, but need a cohesive way to automate personalized messaging to reach our students (on a variety of platforms) when they need it most.”

How can technology help?

  • Create thoughtful student journeys, complete with supportive and strategically scheduled messaging.
  • Leverage social media to attract and interact with students via their preferred platforms.
  • Track campaign efforts and ROI to maximize spend.
  • Transform once siloed data into a single source of truth to gain insight into student demographics and enrollment trends.

Meet Cathy

Director of Admissions

“In admissions, we often find ourselves balancing two conflicting roles: gatekeeper and cheerleader. It’s my responsibility to adhere to our institution’s rigorous admission standards, while still communicating our mission of inclusivity and student success. I would love to spend more time getting to know my applicants, to help them through our process, but I am bogged down in tedious, manual (and sometimes double) work. I worry that I am losing touch with our current student population and am not able to add value to their experience.”

How can technology help?

  • Create campaigns to assist applicants at key milestones of the admission process.
  • Provide self-service support communities to engage admitted students.
  • Keep detailed student records, including communication and cases, to provide thoughtful experiences.
  • Understand students and their parents/sponsors to build trust and foster retention.
  • Build custom reports and dashboards with scheduled and on-demand updates/distribution options.

Meet Steven

Director of Alumni Relations

“I serve as the liaison between my school and our graduates. I coordinate with just about every department on campus and am responsible for outreach through programmed events and targeted messaging. Our institution is generously supported by alumni/donor contributions and with incoming student funding being impacted so heavily by the pandemic, I need the ability to create scholarship opportunities and carefully track ROI of our fundraising efforts and related campaigns.”

How can technology help?

  • Automate and personalize alumni outreach campaigns to foster lasting engagement.
  • Manage relationships with key donors and sponsors to drive advancement initiatives.
  • Create robust online communities to encourage networking and continued.
  • Track campaign efforts and ROI to maximize spend.

April Bollwage

Education Practice Leader

April has spent over 20 years working in education and training. Her most recent leadership role in organizational and customer operations gives her a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s institutions.

She has developed and redesigned processes to support a network of 60 domestic learning centers and their relationships with over 500 higher ed partners. April specializes in enrollment management, strategic operations, and student experience.

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Will Shu


Will has worked in the technology industry for over 27 years. He has spent the last 10 years spearheading Salesforce digital transformation in the finance and education sectors. This experience has provided unique insights into the issues many businesses face during a digital migration.

His most recent senior leadership role in a global language training organization has led to a worldwide Salesforce implementation and fostered internal adoption of the new platform. Will specializes in strategic thought leadership, technology innovation, and senior IT management.

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Our Point of View

Meeting Learners’ Evolved Expectations in the Competitive Online Education Sector explores why online education organizations’ digital presence must be differentiated in today’s competitive climate, why catering to consumers’ changing demographics and expectations is essential, and the profound importance of leveraging data to increase the recruitment and retention of learners.

Episode 33: How To Build The Best Quality-Driven Admissions Departments

Nearly 20 million American students were registered in college or university in the fall of 2020. All of them went through some sort of process to get there, meaning that the schools they applied to, guided each one through an admissions procedure.

The admission process is a school’s chance to make a good first impression. After all, students represent revenue. So, the business case for having an efficient admissions department revolves around how students judge their admissions experience.

Admissions departments need to take a page out of the manufacturing playbook where companies strive to make the best products possible by spending a lot of time and attention on quality: quality control and quality assurance. They evaluate their processes, pinpoint the weaknesses, and create methods to strengthen those weaknesses.

August 19, 2021

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