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Our mission is to architect comprehensive health care management systems that are informed by best practice processes, big data, and innovative technology, while ensuring security and compliance with health data regulation requirements.

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We service a wide range of health organizations:

Patient Channel Management

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Health Cloud Pioneers

Adept and early adopters of digital technology and Health Cloud for over a decade. Our resources will continue to partner with organizations in public, private and non-profit health to transform, modernize and develop strategic roadmaps that realize positive health outcomes and ROI from Salesforce native and ecosystem products.

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Deep Salesforce Expertise

For over a decade, Gerent has partnered with commercial, public sector and non-profit health organizations to bring end to end Salesforce functionality, across enterprises in Health & Life Sciences.

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Focus on People, Process & Technology

We prioritize people, process and technology to design elegant, simplistic solutions to complex business problems. Through big data, automation and business intelligence, we enable the automation of business processes and provide data insights from Einstein Analytics while complying with industry regulations for Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Powering your health company with Salesforce

Wholistic patient journey care management systems

Regulation compliance and reporting

Data driven business process flows

Social determinants of health factors that inform health care strategy

In-home care enablement

How we can help

Meet Chris

VP of Protected Health Information (PHI) Data Security

“I’m responsible for ensuring that all of the data is safe. That means that my team is responsible for keeping both our internal employees’ data safe, the data that our company creates and consumes, data that our company has received and also external data that we request and process to keep in-house or to provide to a third party. Before working in data, I was in the Police force and I know the importance of keeping things safe, so I protect this data just like my neighbors. As the VP of Data Security, I need a way to automate our company’s data policies, so that we can keep our data secure through infrastructure, software and outside data that we interact with.”

How can technology help?

  • Automate data security policies by creating business process flows that allow continuous compliance to internal policies and government regulations.
  • Security tech is used to encrypt data, report on, monitor and gain insights to keep Patient Health Information (PHI) protected and credible.
  • Use cutting edge technology like blockchain to utilize every option available to keep health data secure.
  • Health tech is heavily regulated. Our industry has reporting standards that must be readily available at all times. Technology enables the consistent transmission of secured data to trusted partners.

Meet David

Chief Innovation Officer - Patient Program Management 22

“I’m responsible for gathering and analyzing all available health data to determine insights that can be leveraged to automate business processes. This helps us provide the very best digital health care to our patients. We need innovative, digital, smart, health tech that allows our patients to become empowered and to be informed about their health care journey. Our new app, the Game of Life, allows our patients to ‘play the game of life’ and be rewarded for taking steps to progress to levels of health. Product development is a part of our innovation office and we take pride in our products; our apps have shown a direct correlation to increased patients’ health. Health tech can be used in so many different ways and need the tools and data to be able to explore and make a positive impact.”

How can technology help?

  • Identify the precise moment when trends change in Vaccine Cloud trial data in order to fight against viruses.
  • Inform clinical steps with dynamic data insights for social determinants of health.
  • Gamification of self-directed health activities, patient engagement, medical device reporting.

Meet Lucas

Chief Data Scientist

“Market data drives our company’s strategy and mission, providing health care to our communities’ most vulnerable populations. As a health company, we have big data sets that drive our methodology. We partner with other health organizations, all levels of government, professional associations, universities and non-profits, to share big data sets to gather and track modifiable contributors to healthy outcomes.”

How can technology help?

  • Mine public open source data to develop algorithms that predict socioeconomic impacts, like access to transportation, education level, and different food options, on health outcomes.
  • Engage in sustainable data procedures to share health outcomes with partners in different sectors and inform their health outcomes, so that there is an accelerated approach to reaching universal health goals.
  • Bridge the gap between business goals and data projects to hit marketing campaigns and health outcome targets.

Meet Benjamin

Public Health Vaccine Operational and Distribution Effectiveness Lead

“Our government agency is on the front lines to ensure that there is an end-to-end approach to  vaccine distribution that prioritizes patient categories from the most vulnerable population to ‘healthy’ people by partnering with global health organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and patient community public health organizations.”

How can technology help?

  • Government census data, university health informatics data, public health data and pharmaceutical vaccine data are all inputs to ensure that vaccines are distributed, through a prioritization process.
  • Field service enablement to distribute vaccines increase the vaccination rates in populations that are trending and profiling as target markets.
  • Standardize vaccination efforts through omni channels through just-in-time training and credentialing, which enables more patients to be serviced and more clinicians to have the right skills to provide quality care in the field.

Jim Rogers

SVP, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Jim is a three-decade veteran of the healthcare industry and a fierce advocate for better patient experiences. He spent the first 23 years of his career working directly with patients as a registered nurse, then spent the following 8 providing more high-level support as a healthcare consultant. Today, Jim specializes in helping industry organizations design and implement cutting-edge digital solutions that enhance experiences for patients and providers alike.

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    Cheryl Gibson

    Senior Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences (Payers)

    Cheryl Gibson is a tenured healthcare professional and Salesforce solution leader who excels in translating business processes into high-value technical solutions. With nearly three decades of industry experience — 10 of which were dedicated to directing the strategy, design, and implementation of complex projects in the Salesforce ecosystem — Cheryl is well-equipped to help Gerent’s payer clients overcome hurdles and achieve their ideal future state.

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      Jill Winegar

      Senior Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences (Technology)

      Jill is a multifaceted leader with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare, advertising, and marketing industries. She specializes in providing strategic guidance during implementations, developing winning lead engagement strategies, and cultivating strong teams and partnerships. As a results-minded professional, Jill is committed to building exceptional user- and patient-focused experiences.

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        Mariana Jackman

        Marina Jackman

        Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences (Providers)

        Marina Jackman is a healthcare industry expert with nearly a decade of experience in her field. Her time in the army, nonprofit sector, and consulting sphere has given her a firsthand perspective on the value that well-designed administrative frameworks can impart. Today, she leverages Salesforce to help providers facilitate better patient care and transform the healthcare experience.

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          Our Point of View

          Health Cloud Facilitates Seamless Care Coordination for High-Risk Patients explores why attempting to manage patient journeys manually or with the scant support of an antiquated digital system is an exercise in futility. However, with the assistance of an advanced digital framework like Salesforce's Health Cloud, matters become significantly easier to manage.

          Episode 7: A New Diagnosis: How Providers Are Using Salesforce to Address Major Market Shifts

          Patients and providers alike are living through a historic moment in the healthcare industry. COVID-19 and the resulting shifts in telemedicine (as well as the resulting issues with practitioner burnout) have significantly changed consumer expectations around 24/7 care and, in many cases, impacted patient trust in healthcare institutions. Providers and payers need better tools for providing personalized, on-demand healthcare experiences if they hope to overcome these seismic shifts.

          In this episode of Transformation @ Work, we look at how digital tools such as Salesforce, as well as qualified technology partners such as Gerent, are helping healthcare providers transform their patient experience and adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace.

          July 6, 2022

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