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Digital Account Opening Webinar

Great Customer Experiences: Delivering Digital Account Opening at Scale with Salesforce

The banking industry is continuously being faced with change in the face of innovation and major technological developments. With the demand of instant on demand service, Digital Account Opening has taken the banking industry by storm.

While many institutions are already dabbling in offering this service, doing so at scale effectively has become a challenging task to master. Join Gerent and Salesforce to learn the latest on Digital Account Opening, how it can improve your customer’s experience, and help your operations as a business.

Delivering Insurance Customers an Unbeatable Digital Customer Experience?

Delivering Insurance Customers an Unbeatable Digital Customer Experience

With customer expectations at an all-time high, providing exceptional service experiences has become mission-critical for modern insurers. However, legacy investments and time constraints can make the idea of delivering innovative service solutions seem daunting.

In this webinar, insurance experts explore the practical challenges insurers face when implementing customer-centric processes and unpack their own digitalization journeys — as well as their related learnings. Thought leaders also discuss:

  • The benefits of using Salesforce Customer 360
  • Delivering seamless service in today’s landscape
  • Effective ways to manage customer data
  • A high-level insurance business case

November 9, 2022

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Innovative Strategies to Drive the Future of Service in Banking

Innovative Strategies to Drive the Future of Service in Banking

Facing competition from digitally native fintech companies, most traditional banking institutions recognize the need for digital transformation. Customers want simple, streamlined, secure interactions — and banks are now tasked with transforming their services to deliver superior experiences.

In this webinar, industry experts delve into strategies conventional financial institutions can leverage to elevate the digital customer experience.

Key topics of discussion include:

  • Market trends that challenge conventional financial institutions
  • Offering innovative services and improved digital experiences
  • How to kick-start the transformation journey

November 9, 2022

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Disrupting the Distribution Model

Disrupting the Distribution Model: Increase Sales and Efficiencies With a Data-Driven Approach

When traditional processes are no longer suitable in today’s rapidly evolving market, where should the modern distributor turn? The pressures of ever-increasing costs are making waves across the industry — and many distributors are reflecting on new and innovative ways to forge a brand-new path toward success.

In this webinar, distribution thought leaders consider the current state of the distribution model and outline the critical steps required to disrupt traditional, outmoded processes.

They also dive into:

  • The relationship success path and how to manage it
  • The rising cost of goods and its business impact
  • Product, account, and manufacturer budget setting
  • Defending and forecasting base business
Exposing Data Across Your Company to Drive Efficiencies and Quality

Rethinking Transformation: Conquering Shared Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry through Innovation

Today’s manufacturing landscape is vast and extensive — ranging from chemicals to electronics and everything in between — but manufacturers across the board often withstand common obstacles and shared challenges.

In this webinar, manufacturing experts across the industry explore the considerable obstacles that manufacturers are facing and share valuable lessons learned while overcoming them.

They also discuss:

  • Developing products that are tailored to specifications
  • Costing and pricing
  • The impact of cost fluctuations on revenue protection
  • Better and more accurate forecasting methods
Exposing Data Across Your Company to Drive Efficiencies and Quality

Exposing Data Across Your Company to Drive Efficiencies and Quality

Post-Covid, manufacturing executives face a daunting industry landscape. Labor pools are shrinking; safety regulations are intensifying; expectations for digital communication are increasing. With all these factors in play, where do manufacturers even start implementing their digital transformations? 

Some experts point to quality. Tune into a panel discussion hosted by ComplianceQuest and Salesforce to learn how manufacturers can leverage AI, process automation, and data analytics while adapting to post-Covid EQMS expectations.

October 14, 2021

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