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About the Podcast

Here’s a question: can one person really make a difference? Maybe not alone; but when people work together, they have the power and potential to change the world. After all, if you put enough water droplets together, you might just create a tidal wave. 

On Sustainability @ Work, we’re diving deep into the details of what it takes to bring people together in the pursuit of a better world. Each episode, we’ll be sitting down with nonprofit visionaries and ordinary people who drive real change through small, meaningful actions. We’re on a quest to understand how enacting advocacy works — and we hope you’ll join us along the way.


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Jeff Stormer

Meet the Host

Jeff Stormer

Jeff Stormer (he/his) is an award-winning podcast host and producer, bringing over six years of independent podcasting experience to Sustainability @ Work. He has a passion for stories and building relationships, and an intellectual curiosity that serves as the anchor of his podcasts. With Sustainability @ Work, he wants to uncover the human stories that underlie advocacy, and the ways those stories can help inspire people to come together. He lives in West Philadelphia with his wife and a very loud cat.

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