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About the Podcast

Whether you’re a business owner or an analyst, a solution architect or a IT department head, there are huge, exciting changes happening every day in the Salesforce ecosystem. Transformation @ Work is your guided tour to the latest product announcements, tech trends, and late-breaking changes in the world of Salesforce. The show combines expert conversations focused on real customer success stories, in-depth technical analysis, career advice, and up-to-the-minute insights on digital trends.


Show Segments

Tech Talks

Expert deep dives into the art of solutioning for Salesforce. Join our veteran squad of developers, solution architects, and industry veterans as they break open the black box and dig into the possibilities of solution design and architecture.

Career Corner

Your guide to building your career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Join our accomplished ecosystem veterans for advice and coaching on keys to success in tech, Salesforce certification, the application process, networking, career mapping, and making a significant and fulfilling career in the ecosystem.

Project Rewind

Insider perspectives on business transformation and Salesforce success, in our customers’ own words. Join our Gerent practice leaders and real Salesforce customers for a look back at the implementation process from beginning to end, and key advice for businesses looking to start the process for themselves.

Gerent 411

Your up-to-the-minute source on the latest breaking news in and beyond the Salesforce ecosystem. From macroeconomic events to implementation questions, legislative changes and more, our team of experts are here to provide the updates you and your business need to thrive in a constantly-evolving industry landscape.


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Formerly Ahead of the Curve

For two years and 40+ episodes, Ahead of the Curve gave listeners a crash course into the way Salesforce is transforming businesses across industries. Host Chris Henry (and later Jeff Stormer) delivered in-depth, thorough interviews with digital transformation experts on how businesses were staying ahead of technological change, and the CRM and ERP tools that helped them do so.

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Jeff Stormer

Meet the Host

Jeff Stormer

Jeff Stormer (he/his) is an award-winning podcast host and producer, bringing over six years of independent podcasting experience to Transformation @ Work. He has a passion for stories and building relationships, and an intellectual curiosity that serves as the anchor of his podcasts. With Transformation @ Work, he wants to find the real stories behind digital transformation, and the ways those stories can help team leaders apply real change and move their organizations forward. He lives in West Philadelphia with his wife, and his very loud cat.

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