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Data is the backbone of your business strategy

Data is the backbone of your business strategy — have you unlocked integration?

Most manufacturing executives understand they need to leverage data to keep pace with the industry — and a roadmap for data integration should be front and center. Data integration allows executives to fuel exceptional business intelligence and decision making.

MuleSoft, the world’s premier integration and API platform, enables manufacturers to unlock and amalgamate their data to optimize their manufacturing and supply chain processes. Listen in as Gerent and MuleSoft discuss a different approach to integration.

The conversation includes:

  • Key trends in the industry
  • Barriers IT departments face in delivering on business initiatives
  • How to mobilize IT resources to deliver on these asks

November 24, 2021

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Exposing Data Across Your Company to Drive Efficiencies and Quality

Exposing Data Across Your Company to Drive Efficiencies and Quality

Post-Covid, manufacturing executives face a daunting industry landscape. Labor pools are shrinking; safety regulations are intensifying; expectations for digital communication are increasing. With all these factors in play, where do manufacturers even start implementing their digital transformations? 

Some experts point to quality. Tune into a panel discussion hosted by ComplianceQuest and Salesforce to learn how manufacturers can leverage AI, process automation, and data analytics while adapting to post-Covid EQMS expectations.

October 14, 2021

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The Future of Distribution has Arrived. Is your Organization Prepared?

The Future of Distribution has Arrived. Is your Organization Prepared?

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived — and as a result, executives across the globe have been compelled to ponder what the world’s increasing reliance on innovative digital tools and big data will mean for their organizations. Their considerations inevitably come to one conclusion: that soon, tried-and-true operational processes will no longer pass muster amid a fast-evolving industry landscape.

To remain competitive, distribution executives will need to update their perspectives and develop distribution strategies that are better suited to the reality and demands of a digitally-savvy, data-empowered world.

Join Gerent and Salesforce for a deep dive into the state of distribution today and learn how innovative players are reimagining their operations to meet the fourth industrial revolution head-on.

October 6, 2021

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Reinventing the Insurance Customer Journey

Reinventing the Insurance Customer Journey

Reinventing the Insurance Customer Journey                                                                                                                            

Seamlessly delivering an unparalleled customer-centric experience for the digital world

The insurance industry is beginning to see an influx of “digital native” customers, who grew up enveloped in our ubiquitous digital environment. Today’s consumers are looking for digital options; their appetite for a richer digital selection has been multiplying rapidly and will continue to grow.

Digital natives and customers who are new to technology have mutually distinct expectations of service and buying experiences and meeting these expectations necessitates a complete reconstruction of the customer journey. This transformation requires that those in the insurance supply chain ensure all customer touchpoints are seamlessly integrated and aligned in real time, across all digital points of connection. The process begins with placing the customer at the center and creating a seamless customer journey along the neural path.

In our webinar, we provide C-suite executives and decision makers in the insurance space with insights, roadmaps and action plans related to shifting their organizations’ focus from “product process” to the digital customer journey. We discuss this transformation fueled by Salesforce and Gerent – in a practical and comprehensive manner.

May 24, 2021

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INSIGHTS TO SOLUTIONS SERIES - Digital Underwriting - The Digital Insurer

The digitization of the underwriting process is one of the most critical undertakings managing general agencies and insurance companies can invest in. The need to digitize the underwriting process has never been more apparent than during this pandemic. Customers expect:

  • Decisions to be made in hours, not weeks and months
  • Carriers to use 3rd party data that is already available and simply request information that underwriting requires
  • Rate flexibility that’s aligned to the risks taken and underwritten

If you are one of the 65% of carriers or MGA’s that stuck its toe in or started a pilot and are on the path to learning what is required to reap the benefits of a real digitized underwriting process, then download the on-demand Insights to Solutions Digital Underwriting virtual event, hosted by Strategy Meets Action and The Digital Insurer, sponsored by Gerent.

February 17, 2021

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After COVID: Adapting to the New Normal in Manufacturing

This may be the most volatile period that manufacturing has experienced since WWII.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created wild fluctuations in demand, the supply of raw materials has grown tight, labor availability has shrunk, and many medium-sized manufacturers are experiencing severe liquidity problems.  As we head into the winter season and a second wave appears to be underway, manufacturers can expect volatility to continue across their entire supply chain and being agile has never been more important.

What is that path going to look like in a world forever changed by the virus? In Gerent’s roundtable discussion, you’ll hear about ways in which the pandemic has affected key areas in manufacturing and supply chain management, driving fundamental changes but raising questions at the same time:

  • What is the new normal going to look like?
  • Why is becoming much more agile and doubling down on data, analytics, and processes so critical?
  • How can technology help manufacturers recover and adapt to the new environment?

December 15, 2020

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Join the Quality Revolution: It’s Time to Automate Your Quality Management System

Join the Quality Revolution: It’s Time to Automate Your Quality Management System

Does your Quality Management System give you a complete picture of the compliance and quality landscape? Or is the view more like a broken mirror reflecting fragmented, disconnected images?

Manual Quality Management Systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In their place, a new generation of automated QMS solutions is stepping up to fully connect all operational areas of your business.

This is an information-packed live webinar recording that can help your manufacturing operation take a positive and vital step forward in the areas of compliance and quality.

January 27, 2020

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