Certa Dux Merges With Its Parent Company, Gerent

Herndon, VA - Oct 12, 2020 – Gerent, a top Salesforce consultation and implementation partner, is pleased to announce that its sister company, Certa Dux, has become part of Gerent in a merger that will strengthen and expand Gerent’s areas of expertise and capabilities, according to Gerent’s CEO, Gopi Ramineni.

The merger took effect on September 1, 2020.

Certa Dux began operations in 2016 and quickly became a trusted and leading implementation partner for Vlocity, a technology company that creates digital-first industry cloud software for the world’s leading companies and agencies using the proven Salesforce platform. Certa Dux was known to be the mid-sized firm with the skills and expertise of a large integrator. During its time as a consultation and implementation partner with Vlocity, Certa Dux architected and rolled out solutions for major Fortune 500 companies, along with many other businesses in both the health and insurance sectors, consistently delivering on customer success.

When Salesforce acquired Vlocity in February of this year, it was to enhance Salesforce’s industry capabilities and product knowledge, according to the company. Vlocity’s CEO, David Schmaier, says the acquisition hinged on today’s need for customers to have products that “speak the language of their industries.” Certa Dux was instrumental in helping Vlocity achieve that.

Once Salesforce completed the Vlocity acquisition, there was no need to continue to operate Certa Dux, says Gerent’s CEO. “Gerent is already a valued partner within Salesforce, so it made sense to simply absorb the Certa Dux talent into Gerent”, Gopi Ramineni explains.

“This way, we can continue to offer our industry-best expertise with Salesforce solutions, especially as we continue to consult on and implement Vlocity-designed products for Salesforce. The merger makes even more sense when you consider that Gerent had already begun moving into the insurance and health verticals. Now, we can do so even faster by on-boarding the highly skilled resources from Certa Dux.”

Gopi Ramineni says Gerent will be harnessing the extensive knowledge that Certa Dux acquired in these areas. He has appointed  V.P. of Sales, Tom Harding and Kishan Ramineni, Gerent’s Salesforce Industries Lead, to head up these new verticals. “Kishan has nearly 15 years experience in the health, insurance, finance, pharmaceutical, retail and utilities industries and led many of the projects at Certa Dux. His role within Gerent ensures that the Certa Dux expertise continues on in our organization,” said Gopi Ramineni.

With this merger, Gerent expands its practices from manufacturing, distribution & automotive, quality and travel & hospitality, to also now include health and insurance, both of which are well on their way to becoming key practices within the company. “And we are working to develop a practice in the Education space, as well,” Ramineni says. “Add to that the experience and knowledge that our sister company has with Vlocity solutions, our future is very clear and very bright. Merging Certa Dux into Gerent only makes us stronger and more eager to forge ahead.”

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