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Experience Architecture Unlocks Business Value

When we talk about experience, so much of what matters is intangible – things we can’t see or touch but that leave a lasting impression. The same is true when it comes to building digital experiences. So much of what goes into delivering the business outcomes we desire – the data flows, automations and analytics – is totally invisible to the user.

As complexity grows around personalization and privacy, visualizing the many facets of experience helps to unlock the business value of differentiation. We have developed an Experience Architecture approach to help our clients do just that. Using time-boxed collaborative workshops, we have created a visual language for business executives to explore the opportunities for growth together with the digital imperatives required for performance.

An Experience Architecture Project Will Yield…

1. Experience Strategy

Discovering and implementing human solutions that work requires the right combination of research, creativity, technology and data. Our strategy teams collaborate with client leadership to establish vision, consensus and momentum. We specialize in Customer 360 experience initiatives across sales, service, marketing, operations and employees, emphasizing transformational growth and change management.

2. Experience Design

We rely on a proven set of critical tools to visualize success, prioritize outcomes and mobilize teams around solving the most important challenges. Personas, customer journey mapping and service blueprinting help us to create experience architecture that unlocks the value of differentiation. Our visual language empowers business executives to explore the opportunities for growth together with the digital imperatives required for performance.

3. Experience Roadmap

We focus on defining what’s possible and then practically plotting roadmaps that achieve quick wins while building for the future. A crawl-walk-run orientation is often the smartest approach for sustainable growth and investment.

Whether imagining a new product, website, or engagement campaign, our Experience Architecture builds consensus from business through to delivery on what matters most for success and how best to build for efficiency and scale. This informs the right decision-making to get an initiative off the ground, launch rapidly and measure results for optimization.

Our teams are ready to visualize possible when you are. To learn more about how an experience architecture project could benefit your customers — and your organization as a whole — please visit gerentexperience.com.

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