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Gerent Helps Single Mothers Build Bright Futures with the Judy Nelson Foundation

At Gerent, we believe that part of bringing about a sustainable future is making education accessible for all, empowering people in need to forge better futures for themselves and those they love. In the spirit of that conviction, we’ve partnered with a brand-new nonprofit that aims to empower single mothers who want to pursue education: the Judy Nelson Foundation.

The Judy Nelson Foundation was established in 2021 by Josh Nelson, the grandson of the nonprofit’s namesake. Josh was raised by a single mother and watched as his mother worked diligently to provide for her family, sacrificing all for her son’s sake. She held multiple jobs, frequently moved for better positioning, and hunted for the best schools and opportunities to give her son the best possible chance of a stable future. 

Josh was profoundly impacted by this experience, seeing what his mother went through and how many opportunities she had to pass up to keep the family afloat. As such, he wanted to use the chance his mother gave him to pave the way for others to succeed and empower women in his community to take the chances his mother never got. He began the Judy Nelson Foundation in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, naming it after his grandmother, a champion of women’s rights.

The Judy Nelson Foundation aims to facilitate single mothers’ pursuit of education, eliminating as many financial and practical obstacles as possible. In the future, this may look like creating a network of scholarships for beneficiaries, providing them with laptops and other essential materials, and facilitating access to suitable childcare. If single mothers are given a sustainable shot at success, their gains will trickle down to their children, creating a happier and more stable lifestyle for all. 

As the nonprofit has just launched, they are positioning themselves to pursue these ideas and are currently raising funds to make them a reality. This is where we come in.

“At Gerent, we have always believed in investing in people,” April Bollwage, Gerent’s Education practice lead and Gerent Gives representative, shared in an interview. “We believe that the Judy Nelson Foundation will provide opportunities to thousands of single mothers, enabling their families to create their own futures amidst trying times.” 

As we move forward, we hope to contribute to the Judy Nelson Foundation in ways that will provide unique, ongoing value. We hope to provide resume building and mentoring services to the beneficiaries of the nonprofit, as well as wipe and gift donated laptops for single mothers to use. 

We look forward to seeing the good the Judy Nelson Foundation accomplishes as it grows and how we can support its vital mission: providing opportunities for education and development to all. 

To learn more about Gerent’s sustainability agenda and efforts, visit our website here.

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