Gerent Makes Waves At Pittsburgh’s Manufacturing Expo

The month of April kicked off with Gerent attending the Manufacturing and Technology Expo in Pittsburgh: three days of workshops, discussions and plant tours to learn what’s new in digital transformation.

Gerent was proud to co-sponsor an event along with our long-time partner, Salesforce.

Sharing a Powerful CRM Tool

We wanted a presence at this gathering for several reasons.

Our V.P. of Manufacturing, Chaitanya Sonarikar said the show was a chance to introduce Gerent as a provider of digital transformation, “especially with those manufacturers who are looking for new options and current methods to create digital transformation in their operations. We want manufacturers who know Salesforce as the CRM leader to also know that we are Salesforce’s preferred partner when it comes to manufacturing.”

The second reason for being at the Expo, he said, was to get constructive ideas of what applications Gerent could design and develop that will aid our customers in the digital transformation sweeping through the manufacturing sector.

Expanding The View of CRM

There are many manufacturers who understand and have invested in CRM in their companies, says Sonarikar. However, their view of CRM, he explained, is limited to helping a sales team interact and communicate effectively with customers.

“Many of them don’t have the full picture of what CRM can do – how it can tie all their factory  operations through a digital transformation platform like Salesforce into a single cloud-based technology. This is not so widely known. CRM today is a much bigger and far more powerful tool and we can make that tool available to our manufacturing clients.”

He says that it’s important for manufacturers on the transformation journey to full digitalization to have a clear and complete understanding of what they want their transformation to do for them.

“So, our role is to show them what’s possible and they can then decide if that’s the direction they want to move in,” he added.

Our presence at the Expo is paying off with a number of solid leads acquired over the three days, as well as a chance to meet our customers – both current and future – and share ideas and challenges in manufacturing today.

If your company could benefit from learning about an all-encompassing CRM strategy and what it can do for your bottom line, please get in touch with us. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.

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