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Leverage E-Commerce Solutions with Commerce Cloud

It's a fact: in a market increasingly reliant on digital buying, businesses' need for e-commerce solutions has never been more intense — or competitively imperative. This need is felt far and wide; for retail businesses, the online marketplace is a burgeoning source of revenue. It’s growing so rapidly that retail e-commerce sales have increased 7.8% from the first quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023, according to the U.S. Census Bureau News. During this period, retail e-commerce expenditure jumped from $5.2 trillion in 2021 to $6.3 trillion in 2023, and Forbes estimates that 20.8% of retail purchases will be placed online in 2023.

This shift is here to stay. E-commerce trends will continue to ascend, with expenditure in 2026 projected to spike as high as $8.1 trillion. It’s no surprise that industry professionals theorize that e-commerce gains will continue to climb and that by 2026, 24% of retail purchases will take place online — making digital commerce solutions a necessity for the future. 

Digital innovators have more than met the call for e-commerce solutions over the last decade — but of all the products currently available on the market, Salesforce's Commerce Cloud stands out for its functionality and scalability. Commerce Cloud empowers businesses to meet the ever-rising expectations of their customers, reduce overhead costs, and deliver more satisfactory experiences at scale. Let’s unpack how Commerce Cloud can elevate an organization.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that can accommodate the increasing demands of online transactions — making it a critical tool for businesses looking to drive growth through digital channels. This product provides a range of flexible tools and automation capabilities that collectively empower organizations to deliver exceptional shopping experiences at scale. With Commerce Cloud at hand, companies can:

  • Personalize Customer Experiences: Customers crave relevancy, so choosing a solution which keeps shopping experiences relevant to the consumer is crucial. Once equipped with Commerce Cloud Einstein, an AI-component which tailors customer shopping experiences, businesses can drive value through automated product recommendations, predictive sorting, and commerce insights — all while cutting down on overhead costs.

  • Unify Shopping Experiences: Design and implement an intuitive purchase process which compels customers to come back for more. Commerce Cloud promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty by enabling shopper convenience; retailers can offer flexible in-store buying options from various locations and no-hassle returns at stores and fulfillment centers.

  • Utilize Order Management Technology: Through innovative order management technology, businesses can optimize omnichannel fulfillment and localize for a myriad of languages, tax formats, and currencies. This capability increases companies’ capacity to scale and achieve global reach.

  • Optimize Marketing Engagement: The open-development environment of Commerce Cloud empowers businesses to add built-in apps with ease, from online “buy” buttons to in-store “endless aisle” add-ons. 

  • Cut Costs, Maximize Profits: Using AI saves money with automation and intelligent recommendations; businesses that leveraged this technology saw a 26% decrease in costs.

Commerce Cloud’s value proposition is clearly evident on paper — and countless companies have confirmed its utility in practice. As the e-commerce Marketing Manager for Nyx Cosmetics, Bernice Merlini, summarized Commerce Cloud’s top-notch personalization features in a Salesforce customer testimonial: “If we know a shopper loves a bold look, we can showcase that … and the shopper says, ‘Great, this is a brand that understands me and what I’m looking for.” 

Other large retailers such as General Mills and L’Oreal have also praised the value-driven outcomes of pairing data, AI, and CRM solutions. In another Salesforce testimonial, Heather Conneran, Director and Brand Experience Platforms for General Mills asserted, “The combination of AI, data, and CRM allows us to help a busy mom solve the ‘what’s for dinner’ dilemma with personalized recipe recommendations her family will love.” 

Given the booming future of e-commerce, being equipped with the right tools is a necessity. Wielding Commerce Cloud is a key tactic for businesses hoping to capitalize on that boom while decreasing costs and enhancing customer experience.

Drive Commerce Cloud ROI with Gerent

The problem? Implementing Commerce Cloud can feel like a Herculean lift for organizations that haven't implemented Salesforce before. While digital transformation can seem daunting, the help of a partner takes the pressure off businesses looking to the future.

Selecting a consultant who has experience designing and executing high-value initiatives can do just that. With over 15 years in business, Gerent has a wealth of experience implementing Salesforce solutions, along with a keen focus on our clients’ tailored needs. Gerent doesn’t just offer a commitment to creating customized solutions; we are not afraid to find new and innovative ways to redefine what’s possible for Salesforce products. 

Our customer-centric consultants are ready and waiting to help elevate your technology experience. With their collective expertise, making the switch to Commerce Cloud is a straightforward and intuitive process — contact us to get started.

For more information on how Commerce Cloud can meet your unique organizational needs, give us a call to speak with one of our industry experts or check out our Consumer Business microsite.

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