Need a Salesforce Proof-of-Concept? Learn about Quick Starts

Need a Salesforce Proof-of-Concept? Learn about Quick Starts

Digital transformation is rapidly becoming a competitive imperative. In an era of ever-accelerating innovation, tried-and-true processes are quickly becoming outdated, outmoded, and outpaced. Business leaders who want to keep up with the times — and, more importantly, their competitors — need to undergo transformational change. But for some, the sheer investment that digital transformation requires can make undergoing change seem infeasible. 

But do all transformations require businesses to invest so much time and money upfront? At Gerent, we know better. 

Gerent Quick Starts: An Accessible Answer to Transformation Hesitancy? 

According to a 2021 report from Deloitte, nearly three-quarters (74%) of surveyed executives say that their organizations are actively “undergoing or preparing for digital transformation.” This push toward innovation was strong before the pandemic; however, after Covid-19 sparked a digital revolution, many leaders accelerated their timetables to stay ahead of the curve. 

Moreover, undergoing digital transformation isn’t just about following industry trends; it provides real business value. An earlier Deloitte investigation found that “high maturity organizations” — i.e., those that have transformed and become digitally “mature” — are more likely to “significantly outperform their industry average on key financial metrics” than low-maturity businesses. The same survey also found that transformation can facilitate improvements in efficiency, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and product quality. 

But while the operational and financial arguments for transformation are compelling, making the leap into innovation isn’t always the easiest decision for corporate leaders. Full-scale innovation initiatives can take years and millions of dollars to complete; one 2020 survey found that, on average, surveyed organizations spent $11.3 million on digital transformation. 

Sinking that much time and money into new technology can be an intimidating prospect for leaders who haven’t undergone transformation before. This uncertainty might even lead some executives to procrastinate their transformation — a risky move, given the current push towards innovation. 

However, there is a way for organizations to engage in innovative change without committing to a fully-fledged transformation initiative. At Gerent, we offer Quick Start implementations that provide proof-of-concept within a few weeks. Quick Starts are affordable, accessible, and expandable — if leaders are happy with the Salesforce foundation that Gerent builds, our team can build upon it. 

The Gerent Experience

While every organization’s transformation journey is unique, Gerent’s implementation process generally follows the same pattern. First, our team sets aside time to speak with the client and develop an understanding of what they want to accomplish. Then, Gerent’s project leaders create a formal plan that defines the implementation’s strategy, goals, and milestones. Once both sides are aligned on this plan, our solution architects move into the design stage. 

In the next week or so, Gerent’s team puts together a bare-bones version of a select Salesforce solution. Depending on the project at hand, they may customize the tool to suit the client’s unique needs or implement it “out of the box.” Then, after constructing that basic architecture, the developers typically hold one or two demos; this gives the client an opportunity to provide feedback and the developers a chance to better meet expectations. 

“It’s an extremely collaborative process,” Project Manager Sean Best said, reflecting on his experience spearheading Quick Starts for Gerent. “It’s very much, ‘This is what we need and want. Let’s work together and get it done.’”

After incorporating demo feedback and concluding the build, Gerent’s team passes the reins over to the client. However, our support doesn’t end with the implementation; our team offers “Train the Trainer” services to help the organizations roll out the new tool. Upon request, we can also provide continuing support to ensure that our clients feel comfortable handling their new Salesforce infrastructure. 

Digital transformation can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to learn if a Quick Start approach is right for your business

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