Salesforce Einstein: What’s it About?

You’ve heard the buzz: AI usage in the workplace is here to stay, but how can businesses make the most of this technology?

You’ve heard the buzz: AI usage in the workplace is here to stay, but how can businesses make the most of this technology? As evidenced at Dreamforce ‘23, the launch of ChatGPT and generative AI technologies has propelled artificial intelligence to the forefront of industry conversation — making it increasingly imperative that companies leverage AI solutions to keep up. 

“In the same way that the internet connected people and websites together, we’re now getting into the era of AIs being able to do the same thing with each other,” Joe Inzerillo, EVP & Chief Product & Technology Officer for SiriusXM Radio Inc., noted during the AI and Data Keynote at Dreamforce ‘23. “So, just as everyone predicted, the internet and mobile [...] were gonna change the world,” Inzerillo pointed out. “AI will as well […] The effects are already profound.”

According to Forbes, 64% of businesses credit AI for increasing their overall productivity, with 25% adopting AI to alleviate the issue of labor cuts. AI can help organizations generate revenue through automation — but with AI software and apps by the dozen, companies can find it difficult to discern which ones will drive the value they need to maximize growth.

What businesses need to explore are industry-supported, cloud-based solutions that utilize a bevy of AI tools without sacrificing quality or security. They certainly don’t lack options; the AI market is expected to reach $407 billion by 2027. But as spending on AI increases, leaders face more pressure to find the tools that will pack the most value — and drive the most ROI — for their businesses. 

Businesses wishing to benefit from the profound advantages AI offers need look no further than Salesforce Einstein — by joining AI, data analysis, and CRM, Einstein is the key to reaping the rewards without undue confusion or excess costs.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is a cloud-based solution that delivers extensible, top-rate AI functionality, making it indispensable for businesses hoping to increase efficiency with AI. Einstein maximizes the power of generative AI (e.g., AI capable of generating images, text, etc.) using model learning technology to streamline content creation. 

Even in a fast-saturating product market, Einstein is a game-changer, as Salesforce’s CEO of Salesforce AI, Clara Shih noted during this year’s Data and AI keynote: “There’s no question: we are in an AI and data revolution, which means that we’re in a customer revolution and a business revolution. But it’s not as simple as taking all your data and training a model with it — there’s data security; there’s access permissions; there’s sharing models that we have to honor […]that’s why I’m so thrilled about our new platform."

Einstein can provide crucial assistance in a variety of business departments, including:

  • Marketing — Autogenerate surveys and emails to stay in touch with customers. Einstein empowers marketing initiatives by making it easier to gain first-party customer insights.

  • Sales — Ditch the wordy transcripts; Einstein auto-generates call transcripts with search features so sales reps can quickly locate critical details in customer calls.

  • Service — Increase customer satisfaction with sophisticated chatbot replies; Einstein combines AI and data to ensure that AI-generated communication comes from your company’s trusted knowledge base.

  • Commerce — Maximize engagement in global markets; this solution translates product descriptions into any language needed using generative AI. Commerce departments can also automate the management of catalog data.

  • Developers — Check for code vulnerabilities with the help of AI. Developers can utilize this technology to make fewer mistakes.

Salesforce Einstein has businesses covered — and with the built-in Einstein Trust Layer, businesses’ data is protected by default. This Layer promises secure data retrieval and data masking (e.g., modifying sensitive data). Einstein guarantees that your data is never used to train AI — using natively-built AI architecture, businesses get generative capability without sacrificing data privacy.

With AI advancements on the horizon, Salesforce Einstein provides a strategic means to maximize efficiency while decreasing costs.

Implementing Salesforce Einstein with Gerent

It’s clear: Adopting Salesforce Einstein is a crucial tactic to get ahead. However, the implementation process can be daunting for businesses that are new to Salesforce. At Gerent, we have the expertise necessary to deliver a quality customer experience, having completed over 1,100 Salesforce implementations and 15 years of experience in the business. 

With their collective experience, our sales consultants can facilitate a smooth transition — contact us to learn more.

For more information on how Salesforce Einstein can meet your unique organizational needs, give us a call to speak with one of our industry experts.

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