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Salesforce Genie Makes Delivering "Customer Magic" Easy

If you’ve ever wished that your organization could craft magical customer experiences with real-time data, we’re happy to announce that your wish has been granted. 

During the 2022 Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, Salesforce announced the debut of Salesforce Genie, the world’s very first “real-time” CRM platform. With Genie, companies can provide brand-unique, hand-crafted customer experiences in real-time – so quickly, in fact, that it seems like magic. Genie leverages the single source of truth provided by the Salesforce CRM and builds upon it, giving teams the ability to process and utilize customer data as it arrives. This allows organizations to provide personalized, timely service when milliseconds matter.

At the core of what makes Genie special is its ability to curate detailed, personalized customer profiles in real-time. As Salesforce’s Director of Product Marketing, Sanjna Parulakar, explained the innovative platform’s potential at Dreamforce: 

“The average company has 976 different applications to track customer data. That’s 976 versions of each customer all living within one system,” Parulakar said. “That makes it pretty hard to provide the personalization that customers care about — and one in three customers will switch brands if they have a bad experience.”

With Genie, however, every “version” of the customer is condensed into a single, unique customer profile. This profile is updated the moment a customer interacts with your organization, allowing the Salesforce system to tailor relevant offerings throughout the customer’s lifecycle. This real-time personalization allows organizations to drive customer engagement via tailored offerings, eliminate experiential pain points, and equip service representatives with up-to-date customer records. 

As a result, customers will feel seen and understood by the organization on a deeper level than ever before. The speed and accuracy with which their needs are predicted and addressed seems like magic – and because customers feel that a company with Genie understands and can address their needs, they continue to give that company their business.

“At Salesforce, we've really taken pride in bringing you through every digital transformation for over 20 years now. When we make big changes to the Salesforce platform, the entire customer 360 gets better,” Parulakar stated. “With all of these customer expectations changing in real-time, we needed to add something a little special to the platform. And that something special is Genie: the addition that enables you to build these powerful, automated, intelligent, real-time experiences for every single customer.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how Genie can help your organization craft top-tier customer experiences, give us a call today!

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