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Tableau Empowers Businesses to Thrive in a Data-Driven Economy

Tools like Tableau provide the functionality organizations need to remain informed and competitive.

The beginning of a new year represents an opportunity for self-reflection and re-invention. Every January, businesses across industries seek to position themselves for success and drive productivity, efficiency, and automation within their organizations. However, accomplishing this will depend on businesses’ ability to collect and extract insights from data. As Achyut Jajoo, Salesforce’s SVP of Manufacturing and Automotive, noted in a Dreamforce 2022 keynote speech: 

“The next generation of productivity and conversations will be driven by data,” Jajoo stated. “Data is going to drive your business forward. Data is what you've told us will help you empower customer-facing employees, uphold your value chain partners and drive efficiency in operations. You want to extend this data to your customers so they can serve themselves; you want to tap into insights from data to drive new experiences, discover new business models, and identify untapped revenue streams.”

“For all these reasons and more, data will be the foundation for running a sustainable business moving forward,” Jajoo concluded.

In theory, organizations should have the information they need to succeed — after all, the volume of available data is growing exponentially. However, few have the ability to process and utilize insights from data effectively. In a survey sponsored by Tamr, analysts found that while 90% of organizations planned data initiatives in 2023, 70% stated their company needed help turning rough data into valuable insights. Notably, 65% identified a need for new data management technology.

As it’s projected that the market will continue to evolve around the collection and utilization of data, businesses will need tools like Tableau, which provide the functionality they need to remain informed and competitive.

Tableau provides teams with the tools to extract and apply data-driven insights

A solution like Tableau can provide a significant value-add for businesses looking to better understand and utilize their data. Tableau is a visual analytics platform that empowers organizations to view and manipulate data, providing deeper visibility into internal data and customer behaviors. Paired with a solution like Salesforce CRM, organizations can funnel information through Tableau to amplify its capabilities across every branch of the business. Every role and department within the company can easily generate and implement insights from clean, up-to-date, and secure data.

This functionality is critical, given that many businesses struggle to generate clean, more easily-actionable data. Per a recent report, almost half of businesses are still processing data manually. Tableau provides many essential functions organizations are looking for, such as automated data cleaning and processing – but that’s only a small sliver of the platform’s capabilities. Tableau also supplies businesses with:

  • Cutting-edge AI: companies can leverage artificial intelligence to generate accurate predictions and utilize the AI’s recommendations to answer industry-critical questions.
  • Advanced data exploration capabilities: Tableau’s unique data visualization interface allows for easy experimentation with data, revealing potential outcomes and automatically generating insights.
  • Options for acceleration: Tableau provides instantaneous access to a wide range of add-ons and applications that can serve organization-or-industry-specific purposes.

Cleaning data is a baseline function performed by a multitude of tools – and put simply, Tableau sets the bar higher. The Salesforce solution takes accurate, fully processed data and sorts it in a visually-oriented, easily digestible manner, then leverages AI to derive insights that teams can utilize on command. Tableau makes every stage of the data analysis process easier by taking on the burden of manual work, leading to more efficient operations, decreased resource expenditure, and faster conclusion drawing. No longer burdened with manual work, employees are empowered to distill actionable, timely conclusions from data that they can apply during decision-making.

This pursuit of data-driven innovation will differentiate those who stay competitive from those who fail in the new market. With a solution like Tableau, which extracts practical information from rough data, businesses can utilize that information to pursue new markets, re-evaluate old practices, and establish primacy in their industries. 

If rough, unprocessed data is the lock on the door to a brighter future, Tableau is the key – and as businesses swing that door open, the bright world beyond will be theirs to explore.

If you’re interested in seeing how Tableau can unlock powerful, data-driven insights for your business, give us a call to speak with one of our consultants. 

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